First Grow Update!!

9 months ago

So its been ages since i took that first pic of the three girls together sooo an update!! Hurrah you say! 🤣 (lockdown boredom / high while writing?)

Anyhoo 🙈

Cheesecake! (45 days)


Pineapple Express & Strawberry Banana (26 days)



You may have spotted hiding in the back corners are 2 more cheesecake seedlings coming along nicely!

Thank you all for the warm welcome! 🥰🤗

#smokerfam #indica #sativa #fourtwenty #cannabis #grow #indoorgrow #420

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Welcome! Nice looking setup! Good content!


Hey 🤗, thank you! Been researching how to set up a sea of green like in youre recent post 😏👌 i like it! May need another tent though...?

Good grow, superb pictures!! The soil looks good, what nutrients you are using for now?


Hey, thank you! So i started building up dosage of:
Sensi bloom
And then Ionic CalMeg (added now and then) although im seeing great results everytime i do, so i may add with every feed...? 🤔

That's a nice looking crop!


Hey Groot 🤗 Thank you lovely!
Im hoping it will remain a good crop. No idea how big autos go and from what i see/learn it depends on LOTS! lol we ll see 🤞😬

They love you more and more than you do them


Oh i dunno... I love my girls!! Im going to feel emotional come harvest day 🤣🙈

Wow! Nice grow and the set-up too. Welcome to Smoke..Keep it up we want to see the results of your grow!


Heya! Thank you for the warm welcome! I sure will keep updating, now ive figured ouy why pics werent uploading! (Files too big me thinks 🙃 FYI anyone in that scenario 😉)


4mb max pic uploads.


Great info! New people read this 🤗 lol 👌