First Grow 🤗

11 months ago

Hey girls & guys

Just here to share some content and what ive learned so far....

3 autos growing in a 4x4 with mars hydro tsw2000


1 cheesecake
1 pinapple express
1 strawberry & banana

Organic soil, perlite 65/35, 16ltr fabric root pots (minus the pink one, i got a bit too keen 🤭)

Feeding sensi bloom (more N than the sensi grow!)
Carboload (added middle of flowering?)
Ionic calmag (when needed)

Thoughts, comments & questions welcome!

#cannabis #autoflower #sativa #indica

#cannabis #autoflower #420

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My welcome Haiku
Welcome to
You will Love it here.

Looking good to me.
We really love the growers.
And their nug photos.


Apologies!! Getting my head around the app/site now... 🙈 slowly! Lol

Thank you for the warm welcome!! I already DO love it here! So much knowlege about and some fantastic pictures!

I just need to get my head around this voting and smoke business... lol! 🤯


No worries.... just keep posting good original content and build up your Smoke Power so that your vote has value.

Welcome to smoke, and I like your set up!


Heya, thanks groot! Theres SOO much choice/options for everything... i didnt really know where to start! 🤭🤯 lol

Nice set up .welcome .😎


Hey, thank you and for the warm welcome! 🤗

Welcome to smoke @ukgrowgirl :D


Thank you 🙃🤗

hey, welcome to smoke! What seed bank did you use?


Hey thank you! Those 3 girls are from grizzly seeds.

You have a great light!


Thanks lovely! Again soooo much choice.... Youtube reviews did the job. Very happy with it so far!

Welcome to Smoke... anxious on your girls!


I know right! 😬😬