Another week on... πŸ˜¬πŸ€—

11 months ago

Here we are another week on and things certainly are getting exciting!

First up the Strawberry & Banana (33 days). No problems at all with this lady shes been so colourful and full or life since go! Eager to see what the next month brings...

Next up... Pineapple Express (33 days).

The opposite to the strawberry... She decided to top itself or just split early on and has been playing catch up ever since! Some crazy growth but one lil lady...

Crazy growth under the canopy! Has anyone grown this strain before?

And then my first.... who doesnt remember their first? πŸ˜‰

The Cheesecake Auto (52 days).

Again a strong plant! Im really curious to see what yield we get as i was a little keen with her. (Couldnt wait for fabric pots & perlite to arrive!)

Guesses / Thoughts?





Colours changing, fattening up & the smells coming from her 😍.
Soon will be the flushing and then shes back to just ph'd water until harvest day!

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Hard to guess but it looks like you will be happy none the less! Just over a hp maybe?


Oh im already more than happy, I had no idea how she would turn out (Way smaller pot than the others)...

Jeepers! 😯 hp?! I would be happy!

Any other predictions? 😊


I think maybe you can get a good quarter pound from them! I don't see it maybe being less than that since a decent plant is easily 2 ounces! These look really good to me!


This is somewhere i was thinking... considering the pink pot is only 9ltr! Not too bad me thinks 😊 (if she turns out that well!).
2 seedlings at the back of the tent (10 days old) are also cheesecake but in 16 ltr pots... Cant wait too see the difference! 😏

Excellent training on these gals!


Wow! Looking great! It is going to be a great harvest I think! :)


😁 thank you! Im hoping so 🀞

WOw great plant!


Hey πŸ€—, thanks jenn and welcome to smoke! Youll love it here the girls and guys are real supportive and friendly! And the 420 knowledge about... πŸ‘Œ

Sick looking plants, amazing work on the photos too. Would love to smoke some =)


Hey! Thanks lovely πŸ™‚ really enjoy (very amateur) photography, looking at getting a digital microscope so we can have some sick super close ups 🀀