This Is My Entry To The Solo Cup Challenge(and Hempy Bucket update)

5 months ago

If you remember there was a post 23 days ago titled Adding To The Grow Room.

I mentioned there was a reason the strains were in a solo cup but I was not in a place to tell why.

Since then the SOLO CUP CHALLENGE was issued by #canna-curate. I only knew about the challenge because I am the one that asked if it could be brought to Smoke in the canna-curate discord.

I was about to give up and replant seeds because neither of them had come up. Then I woke up today to this beauty! I have my fingers crossed to see if the other strain is going to sprout. BTW this is a Jamaican Tall Girl and will be the entry into the challenge!

Update for @psyceratopsb and cloning with Hempy Buckets

The clones have me a little worried since I moved them under the led light. They are starting to discolor a little bit....

Then I gave a clone and a tug...and it was stuck. What?! Sure enough...the clones starting to discolor don't have many roots and the clones with good color have roots like this! This is 10 days after cutting and rooting. Check the Hempy Bucket Post if you are wondering about this cloning process.

Well, it's past 8pm and the light to the grow tent came on about 20 minutes ago and I need to check on the plants after their second day of being in flower. Today I will be changing out the 5 gallons of nutrient water and continue training the plants towards the middle of the room!

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Awesome. Looking good.

Nice job Toker Solo!


Toker Solo. Def. has a ring to it.

awesome , my seeds even didnt grow


Ah that sucks. I didnt think this one was going to take. It took a long time before it ever sprouted. I thought it was dead too.

Nice! Also how are the roots now?


The root picture was taken about 1 hour before this post. I think the majority of them are ok.

Great your in the competition, good stuff. Those clones are coming along nicely with their little root balls, awesome mate. Thanks for the update, bong on bro. :-)


You are welcome for the update. I am excited about this competition! It is definitely a creative idea to help the community interact with one another.

Do you think there is time to recover them?
This is such a trickey thing to do for me. Don't know if i could experiment like that in micro grow


The clones not doing so well have small or no roots yet. The clones doing fine have roots. I expected to lose a couple, but I'm not counting out the ones going slower, just yet. They just might need a little time to catch up. I haven't decided if this will be a micro grow or the clones for my next grow.

I will probably let them go into they have nice rootballs that keep the Perlite together(that's what I imagine in my mind anyway) and use them as the clones for my next grow.

Nice work done there.



they look very nice !



Nice! Good luck on the challenge!


Thanks @growroom. The competition is going to be tough!

Nice looking roots, making clones is way harden than people make it out to be.