Opening A Box Of Misc. Growing Equipment! Very Exciting!

6 months ago

Yesterday, I received a package of grow goods ordered and I am finally getting them in place today!

The first item out of the box is the General Hydroponics PH Up and Down Kit.
This isn't a very sexy item but is imperative to keeping the nutrient water properly Ph'd.

The next item is the propagator. I've been wanting one of these for a long time. The dome has two vents which allows you to control humidity and is the main feature I was looking for when it comes to germinating seeds.

The propagator is unheated so a seed heating mat was ordered. This will allow the dome to be heated and help create better humidity for seedlings or clones.

Savings tip. There were kits for sale on Amazon with the propagator and a mat but they were around $60 to $75 dollars(or more). The propagator and mat were about $26 total when ordered separately instead of as a least a $30 savings!

The next item is for piece of mind. It is a ¼” Rope Ratchet Hanger. These are very convenient for hanging because it allows you to adjust your light without having to untie a bunch or rope. The one i have now is about 4 years old and only 1/8". Adding another hanger makes me feel more comfortable because if my one hangar broke....the plants would not be happy with a 50 pound light laying on them.

I am most excited about this last item!

It is a digital luxmeter. This will allow me to dial in my lights better. Now I will know the light intensity reaching the plants instead of guessing. There are charts out there for light intensity and cannabis during the vegetative and flowering stage and now I will be able to adjust the height of the light to give the plants the proper light they need in different phases. I feel this help me take my grow to the next level!.

This is about $67 worth of growing equipment. There has been about $200 invested into the grow in the last 10 days(the grow tent and a new pump were bought last week). This is the most I have spent on the grow in years but I really want to take my growing to the next level. I don't think equipment will automatically make me a better grower but this is some basic level grow equipment that should have already been in my arsenal years ago.

I will be using the Luxmeter in a different post(Maybe in a few hours?) but first I need to get a 9v battery!. I knew the meter needed a battery but I thought it came with it!.

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Nice I am doing everything on the cheap right now myself with my biggest expense my bulbs but one day I am gonna invest in proper equipement. Love seeing other being able to invest in the stuff I want to invest in myself. Keep us updated on how it works put for ya. I learn from reading then experimenting what works for me.


I usually add to my grow one item at a time but I had the extra fundage and decided to splurge. I did use the lux meter in the latest post.

Wow with all this equipment that we are ready to grow our cannabis plate


It is exciting for sure. It's always fun to get new toys.

You're kitted up now bro, looks like you are getting serious. I hope you get the results your looking for mate, thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and some good info. Bong on bro. :-)


I want to take this grow to the next level this year. I will hopefully have a veg and a flower room by the end of the month.


I hope everything turns out well for you mate, bong on bro. :-)

That is some nice gear. Big plans incoming I assume? 67 quids is not that much, concerning the outcome you get.