Grow Diary: Using Lux Meter. Looking At FIM'd Nodes. Adding New Nutrients.

6 months ago

Today was spent doing some trimming on the plants, fixing some nutrient deficiencies, and testing out the new luxmeter.

What Is A Luxmeter?

A luxmeter measures the amount of lumens falling on a surface. Using this meter should help me keep the light at the proper height from the plants to insure the plants are getting the proper amount of light.

It does not measure the spectrum of light. It is important to note: Luxmeters only work with white light(HID, CFL, and white LEDs). This will not measure light intensity from blue and red LED's.

Proper lighting requirements according to Royal Queen Seeds

  • Clones and seedlings: 5000-7000 lux
  • Vegetative growth: 15,000–50,000 lux
  • Flowering: 45,000–65,000 lux
  • Maximum recommended amount of light: 75,000 lux

Proper Lighting Requirements According To Lex Blazer

  • Vegetative Growth: 8000-13000 lux
  • Flowering: 10000-30000 lux
  • Recommends Throughout: 22000 to 28000 lux

    Someone may want to shoot for a Par Meter but that is out of my budget fight now.

The Lux Meter is a step forward in being proactive with the light intensity so it's an improvement over what I have previously been doing. Don't forget to take off the cap covering your sensor(if it has one). The top picture has the cap on and is only measuring 40.1 Lux:-)!

My Readings

This is the reading above Moody Miranda. If you notice the meter says 315 lux but I must multiply this by 100 because of the mode I am in(notice the 200000x100?). There is 31500 lux reaching the top of this plant. I know I don't have the best light and this bulb will probably only be used for one more grow....28 to 30000 lux is the range I am shooting for.

This is the reading above Big Foot. This is the plant at the rear of the grow room

This picture is all wonky but it is above Sugar Mama. I am not concerned about the reading of 25700 lux. I did move the light around a little when I started taking readings. The Black Sugar was catching a little less of the HID light after adjusting the light(I needed to increase lux on the other two plants) but I moved the 50 Watt LED above the plant in this picture and the lux meter is not catching the intensity of the blues and reds from the LED.

Do You Remember When The Plant Was FIM'd?

I was about 20 days ago a tutorial was posted about how to FIM a plan. This is the first update on the progress of that! Look at all these nodes!

I may or may not have gotten carried away and topped a chute of one of FIM'd nodes:-)

Fixing Possible Nutrient Issue

I reached out to @jonyoudyer a few days ago about some yellowing one of the #SteemOG's. This is the only plant doing this and it is Bigfoot. Now mind you...Bigfoot has been through some stress. The above pictures of the Fimming and Topping are of Bigfoot.

I personally think this looks like a Potassium deficiency but it is the only plant doing it. Jon was telling me that these OG's really love their Cal Mag. It is my understanding that it will also help the plant to pick up more of the other nutrients that it may be missing.

Right now I am trimming and deciding what i will use for clones. There are branches that I have been stress training to go towards the center of the room. There will be a lot more string and wire training branches in future pictures because this grow is about to be switched to 12/12. Just trying to figure out a veg room!.

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That's pretty cool.. i've never used one before tho.. technology these days..🙄


There are way more sophisticated meters out there. You should def look into PAR meters but wowzers....the price.

Great info bro, it looks like you're enjoying the new toys. The plants are looking very healthy. Bong on bro. :-)


New Toys are always fun!

I just recently watch some videos.on this product. Cool someone I know is using it.


This was rec'd to me by @jonyoudyer. The next two weeks will def let me know if it does the trick.


Well I ended up ordering some things on Amazon. As my light I was suppose to pick up later fell through. He decided he didn't like the profession set up he order and sent it back and is keeping it. So I got me a full spectrum panel, and said screw it and got me a real tent. Still need to order the filter will likely do that tomorrow sometime.