Grow Diary: It's A Girl!🎈

last year

I am happy to report that Moody Miranda, Bigfoot, and Sugar Mama are all female!

I knew the Black Sugar(Sugar Mama) would be fem because it is is a feminized seed but I was not sure about the Steem OG's(Moody Miranda and Bigfoot). It would have been heartbreaking to have the Steem Og's be males. But I could have always used to pollen to pollinate a mother and create a bunch of there is that.

I was doing a bunch of tie downs because I am trying to train the bottom branches to go towards the center of the room to get more light. I was going to lollipop these but I want to see if I can get the lower branches to produce more bud if I train them to go farther away from the plant than the top branches. Won't ever know unless I try.

However, I got a little aggressive and snapped a decent branch!

The branch was immediately thrown into water and then I made a Hempy Bucket for it. Will it actually grow roots and flower? Don't know. But it's one of those if you don't try then you won't ever know type of deals. It would be cool to get a decent size bud growing out of this bud from a clone immediately put into flower.

This is the 6th day of flower and there are only 50 to 60 days left for these guys. I say only. lol. I can't wait to have some home grown bud again. I can't believe I have went this long without growing. It is now a life goal to always have a steady flow when it comes to my grows because the price on the street is too high and the quality can be very inconsistent. Not to mention it can be dangerous when you don't know what is being put on the plant during the grow process.

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Regarding that branch....maybe I would advise you to make a few clones out of it, I think you will have better chances to succeed? also, take into consideration that if the plant you took the branch off was already in a 12/12 period, you will be reveging those clones, if that's the case you will be monster cropping, look for info on that technique, sometimes it brings amazing results....sometimes not ;-)


I just wanted to give you an update on this branch. I pulled on it last night and it's stuck! I am pretty sure it rooted. I am very surprised because I was for sure it would be a dud and I didnt even add cloning gel/hormone.


Excellent!!! Cannabis is such a hardcore plant ,it can take so much and still gives us back the best she has


If I was earlier in my grow then I would have probably taken some clones. There are about 6 clones started right now from about two weeks ago and I would like to give some auto flower seeds started on the next grow too. Your advice is solid though and thank you for that!


You are welcome!!! this is how we are building this awesome community, helping each other ;-)

You should prepare other seeds!


There are some clones already started to get ready for the next grow:-)

a little bit big for getting roots... but everything is possible!!
congratulations for female plant!!! :)))
peace @harimbadl


I don't imagine that it will root either but it's always worth a shot. Thanks for the shower is in about two months...lulz...we bring the gifts:-)

great news!!!! have fun with them!


I will @alf5271!

Did you get the Black Sugar as a freebie from seedsman?


LOL I DID! The shittiest part about it though...this grow was supposed to be auto flowers and not one of those damn seeds germinated out of three!

Good stuff, I'm glad it's working out for you mate, bong on bro. :-)


Thanks @bongonbro. Can't wait until these babies are finished.

Great news...keep good care off them babies now.


I will do my best @psyceratopsb

Nice one, here's hoping the snapped branch grows roots 🤞


Lol. Super finger crossed.

ahem!! Cough Cough!

*wink wink


Lol. This is awesome. Bet you I could build one of these.

Ja das stimmt die strassen qualität ist miserabel auch hier.. Das war auch der grund für selbstanbau. Du weisst nie was du bekommst... Ich drücke dir die daumen. Hope you have a good run.

welcome beautiful girl :D , very nice :)