Grow Diary: F.I.M.'d A Plant Today

8 months ago

Today was a very fun day in the grow room. There wasn't too much work to do. It was more of a "make sure everything is working properly and the plants are ok" type of day.

While looking I noticed the Sugar Mama is up to four nodes!

This is the time I like to Top Or F.I.M.(Fuck I Missed!). The main difference between Topping and Fimming is the height of the cut, angle of the cut, and the number of extra colas produced after the cut.

Topping will produce two main colas while fimming should produce four(sometimes only two, but the majority of the time it will be four extra colas).

Some growers use their fingernails to top or fim but I like to use a sterile pair of scissors.
These scissors were cleaned with a hospital grade antimicrobial hand rise(isopropyl alcohol will do).

If you have never topped or fimmed before then you want to go the very top node that is starting.

You will cut lower on the node if you are topping and at a 45 degree angle. The new node is essentially gone and it looks like a stem with nothing coming off of it.

Fimming is a straight horizontal cut but only about 80 percent of the new node is cut off.

The above picture is what the plant looks like after fimming. I will not be topping this plant but below I will give an example of where one would cut if topping. Remember to cut at a 45 degree angle if topping.

Tomorrow Bigfoot and She who is not named(Both are Steem OG's) will be checked for fimming.

Realistically, they should probably be topped because they are a very Indica dominant strain. I may top one and fim the other to see how they compare in growth.

I may or may not fim these again after the new colas have four nodes. I don't know if that is going to be possible because of the height in the room BUT I could also super crop these to help with height and give a more even light distribution for the buds.

That's one of the most fun parts of growing marijuana. There are so many options and techniques to grow your plants and you won't get bored if you are always trying to learn new techniques.

She who is not named still needs a name! The naming contest has two more days!

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I’m always too afraid to try this. Sometimes just a regular topping is hard for me to get right.

But interested to see how it turns out.

Have you ever heard of tipping a bud? Someone told me it would make buds grow wider. I definitely hesitate to try though


Tipping is completely foreign to me...even a cursory Google search doesn't give me any information. Our favorite plant can be rather forgiving and so I try to learn something new with each grow. The new learning from this grow will probably be to see how Steem OG reacts to topping vs fimming. Now I have to find out what tipping is.

This was an interesting post! Now I know what fimming is. :-)


Isn't it wonderful the different ways you can grow marijuana?

This is great content. Excellent to share. This is definitely the type of content which will bring more users from other locations too.


I hope ppl learn new stuff from this grow diary. It can be time consuming to put out these posts(probably have two hours into this one) but if it helps others then the time is worth it. I hope it brings others to our platform too!

Topping your plants makes it grew wider... It makes double bloom.


Yep. Fimming will hopefully produce 4!

Thanks for sharing rhis awesome content, I have to say I had no idea about fimming only topping..
This is why I love smoke and why people will see value in smoke


You are welcome @skylinebuds. The more knowledge ppl have about growing...the more the revolution will get stronger. I too am looking forward to the future of smoke and if my content can help that...Wow, what a good feeling.

you are doing well!It seems that this method is called the pasynkovanie plants)


I learned something new today. I had to research the term but it seems to accurately describe the process. Thanks for the new knowledge!

Good work on showing exactly the levels of fimming and toping. Most people are not aware of the differencies. Good content!
Check out

Well done! Perfect picture tutorial and explained to perfection.
I remember the first time I FIM'med, I was so nervous. I watched dozens of videos and my hands were shaking.

Now? I think I could do it, and topping, in my sleep