Grow Diary: Experimenting With Hempy Buckets Using Cuttings

6 months ago

A few days I came across what are called Hempy Buckets. It reminds me of a form of DWC and I wanted to try this new way of growing using some cuttings from the plants after they had a trim.

Things You Will Need

  • Drill w/ 1/4" bit
  • A cup
  • Perlite
  • Rooting Hormone
  • Liquid Nutrients(I use General Hydroponics)

    The process itself is simple enough. First, Drill a hole about an inch from the bottom of the cup.

Then fill the cup with Perlite. I would recommend leaving an inch or two of space at the top because the Perlite will will expand and possibly overflow if you don't. Some growers use a Perlite/Vermiculite mix but I have read many success stories using 100% Perlite.

Finally, run some water through the cup until the runoff is not milky.

Just About Ready To Put In Clones!

Before the clones are put in we need to PH some water. 5.8 is ideal but 5.5 to 6.5 is acceptable.

Next, we need to pour the pH'd water into the cups. Remember there is a half inch of water in the bottom of the cup from where the tap was ran through it so make sure to water the Perlite thoroughly with the pH'd water.

I personally did not add nutrients to the pH'd water at first because I didn't want to waste nutrients. After thoroughly watering with the plain pH'd water then pH'd nutrient water was run through the cups.

Now the cuttings are run through the root hormone

And placed in the cup!

Don't forget to cover your container to increase humidity!

The images above were taken three days ago. All the cuttings except for one are doing good. I wanted to try this method because it is run to waste. Essentially, the nutrient water that runs out of the cups is not reused. However, the benefit of this system is it actually uses less water than DWC, no ppm meters are needed, and root rot should not be an issue.

I will know in about 4 more days if this experiment is successful or not. The cuttings had their leaves trimmed while I had them out today because I noticed I missed snipping some leaves.

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Can uou please link this post after 4 days if it turned out well. When you make a new just put this one too, so there is to reference.
I really wanna try this, but better to see if you succeed. Good luck


Yes, I will give updates on this. I hope this is successful too. It would cost about $5 to fill a 5 gallon bucket with Perlite but it should be reusable if washed thoroughly after each grow is finished.

nice cuttings!! lets wait for the roots... please post more pictures when the roots are comming! :)) thanks! peace harimbadl


I have seen ur comment. No roots yet. It's been 8 days now but they are still alive!

Attack of the clones!


This is exciting! Yes we can!

you have so much experience in your grow , awesome !! 🤗


Thanks for the compliment! I want even more knowledge!

This is an very interesting experiment, I will be eagerly waiting for an update. I hope it all works out as planned. Thanks for sharing, bong on bro. :-)


Just checked on them. Even took a picture for you!

The wilter perked up!

What is your opinion on lighting for clones? Some people suggest ambient light while others suggesting putting it in the grow room. I've seen some clones take very harshly to too much light and heat.


Humidity is a key with clones. Need to keep the humidity high. You want droplets of water on your dome or chosen covering. You don't need strong light for clones. If you notice these clones are kind of to the corner of the room. They also get a break from the light for 6 hours a day.


Thanks! That makes a great deal of sense.

That’s interesting and I had to look up perlite! Look forwards to the next update


Perlite is def ur friend. People put it in soil grows too because it helps to retain moisture and allows for oxygen to reach the roots.

Really wanna see if this works, I want to get in to clones


This is my first foray into clones. Hopefully. I have found a way to clone success!


Yeah, Be awesome to see if it does

Hempy buckets/pots/containers call it what you will - I use this method because there is a reservoir on the bottom and secondly it's a water saver you water till you have a little run off, third to tell when the plant is dry the hempy bucket weighs significantly less then when its been watered


The weight is a very good point to tell dryness. I like the reservoir too. Reminds me so much of my Bato Buckets.