Vegetation - they are on a boom! + Topping

8 months ago

Hello my smokers and tokers,

Happy holidays to all who are in that kind of mood and like that kind of thing, just super happy to all the rest of you!

Babies have grown a lot and they are looking nice and happy - take a look!

-Bubbas gift on the left; Peyote critical in the middle; Blue dream on the right - Blue dream is kicking their ass even dough it has a slight #nitrogen overdose with night temp of just 60F. To add I guess first feed was too early and too much for soil this rich. I would say there is enough food for all of the veg faze (up to 6 weeks) if super soil is mixed in at least 3gallon pots.

Here you can see the bottom of my #tent, there is a pc intake fan of 170cfm that is feeding this huge box fan (oscillating and blowing in all directions) to spread the fresh air throughout the space - that mould last time learned me a lesson.

-Peyote Critical is getting there. These babies were potted directly to 3 gallons super-airpots. They have started way late to directly compete with the Blue dream and Bubbas kush

-Bubbas gift is a lot more like a true #indica even dough the progress is not as fast as expected. For all, I blame the humidity levels that sometimes go down to 40-50%. Ideally, for #vegetation you would aim for around 70% but it is not so important but sure it would help.

-Blue dreams are too tall. Peyote needs more time to catch up, so I had a great idea! This top looks perfect for topping! Wahooo lets get the blade out!

-Make sure your blade is clean before each cut, dip it in alcohol or sterilise in any other way. This is really important.

-Off with their heads! Cut with confidence and in one go. Try to make ideally 45-degree cut so there is no water retention on the cut. Cut at least two weeks before flipping the switch to give plants time to recover and enter flowering without stress.

-Yeah, all 3 lost their heads, it was the right thing to do. They will recover in no time.

-The last pic in the sequence is only after few hours the cut went brown - normal.

-Freshly trimmed into line. Every plant was trimmed differently so we are going to be able to see if there is a difference in cutting lower or higher.

-Super air pots - a great thing if poted properly. The soil needs to be pushed pretty hard against the edges to stop the water from pouring out air holes during waterings. The roots in these things are magnificent.

-Pic was taken a day before the watering now the roots are already dead but you can see massive amounts of roots sticking out of the bottom a day or so after watering - especially if there is a bit of runoff in the tray. Il try to catch it and show it to you guys.

-Tent top - on the left is my trusty #Co2 bag which works for 6-9 months so there is no reason to shut it down during vegetation - it is beneficial in all stages of #growth. On the right, there is a must-have carbon filter that can handle the output of my extraction fan. That would be my setup for now. There are more fans for extra air flow for flowering. This run I'm expecting even bigger buds. Like always.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do and stay true to yourself.


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Those beauties look like they are almost ready for flowering!


Thanks, man, yeah I am planning to flip them in 2/3 weeks time, depending on Peyote; I need him to go strong because there is not much expectation from Bubbas gift. I have reports that the batch of the seeds is not good and it produces very small buds so I have to play it like this.

Awesome update, These are starting to come around nicely,


Thanks man, yeah they are going to explode now when the conditions get stable. There are just too many variations with temp and humidity. We small growers are far off giving the perfect conditions for the plants just when they need it, so we lack in speed but not in quality, quantiry or taste.

Upsmoked and resmoked. Very nice showcase of your grow. The Peyote Critical interests me the most. Can't wait to see it all grown up.


Thanks man! You got your info straight, Peyote is an amazing plant, yields great and its a fabulous smoke. You wont have to wait for long - from now in its growing like weed - haha.


Hehehe good pun. I like a good pun.
Be sure to showcase the flowers and buds when they are ready.

What do uou get by cutting them?


To redirect energy from one main top cola to two primary top colas on each plant. It will slow her growth for a day or two and peyote needs every second to catch up...

I also like the tower to cut off, to obtain 2 Central branches...but only in the street soil..good luck to your home..