Starting Fresh With Pineapple Chunk (Barneys Farm) - 7th Week Of FLOWERING Stage; 70 Days Old From Seed - Fields of Pineapples - not fat enough but getting there

last year

Hi all high people! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Here we are at the beginning of week 7, girls are gaining weight and starting to show their true fat genes and potential. These buds are going to be massive! #flowering

-tent is full and babes are mostly happy

-this is going to be a beast, probably the biggest of them all

-buds are advancing but there is something bothering them, I'm guessing heat maybe in combination with aggressive feed schedule - but there are no burned fingertips (maybe few)

-closeup of favorite top cola

-other two top colas

-looking promising

-excessive lighting - causing buds to turn albino

-smallest plant in the background is doing well, she is going to have 10 buds in total, the yield will be interesting

-looking lovely dude!

-back to work, time to get these babies REALLY FAT

Stage: Flowering 7th week
Light: 12h light/ 12h dark
Irrigation frequency: every 2 days; 0.9gal (3.4lt) per plant
Feeding every watering + Co2 bag
PH: 6.5
EC: 2.2 (stopped with adding more nutrients when burns were noticed; from now on every watering will be lower EC + flush last week with FloraKleen)

#Pineapple Chunk - Barneys Farm (six plants)

3x3x6ft (1x1x2m)
High-Pressure Sodium 600w with Avenger wing reflector
Carbon filter
3-gallon super air pots

Canna CalMag - calcium, magnesium + micronutrients
Mills - A - Base nutrient
Mills - B - Base nutrient
Atami Bloombastic - Bloom enhancer/pk booster
Moonshine - natural enhancer
Plagron - Sugar Royal, terpene (taste&smell) booster
GH - Fulvic acid - Nutrient absorption enhancer
Hesi - Supervit - Plant active Vitamins and amino acids

ONLY TWO WEEKS TO GO! Hell yeah! #mylittlegarden #PineappleChunk adventures.


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Just huge colas. Excellent result.


Thanks man, they should gain most of their weight this week!