Starting Fresh With Pineapple Chunk (Barneys Farm) - 5th Week Of FLOWERING Stage; 56 Days Old From Seed - Lets get FAT

last year

Hello to all smiling dudettes and dudes! Welcome back to my little #Pineapple garden

- it's getting crowded in here

-please disregard the thumb; all pictures are taken through HPS glasses

-view from the top

Hope you are as happy as I am because my pineapples are doing great. Halfway there, only four more weeks to go! We entered the 5th week of #flowering yesterday and the babes look nice, I was hoping they are going to get fatter by now - as you can see from the pics - some parts of the plant (tops) were heat-stressed, and alongside with my feeding schedule toll has to be paid somewhere.

-lovely looking baby nugs and a burnt leaf in front of them

-heat/nutrient burns - fans are switched to their max and blowing over critical "hottest" parts - babes will just ride through it; "empty space in the box - lst-d one plant into the wrong direction

-Lookin nice on the left; on the right - smallest pineapple barely reaching the light -all because he wasn't transplanted - a lesson for next run, transplanting is obligatory

Now in 5th week, I will try to correct this with #feeding only half of the recommended dosage of base nutrients every second watering, they will get recommended dosage of Atami Bloombastic (PK booster, grow enhancer) + other additives and hope for the best, usually week 5 and 6 in the feeding schedule should be at least at 2.2-2.4 EC. They need to get fat from something :)

Stage: Flowering
Light: 12h light/ 12h dark
Irrigation frequency: every 2 days; 0.8gal (3.2lt) per plant
PH: 6.4
EC: 2.1

#Pineapple Chunk - Barneys Farm (six plants)

3x3x6ft (1x1x2m)
High-Pressure Sodium 600w; GIB 92 000 lumen bulb
3-gallon super air pots

Mills Vitalize - silicic acid
Canna CalMag - calcium, magnesium + micronutrients
Mills - A - Base nutrient
Mills - B - Base nutrient
Atami Bloombastic - Bloom enhancer/pk booster
Moonshine - natural enhancer
GH - Fulvic acid - Nutrient absorption enhancer
Hesi - Supervit - Plant active Vitamins and amino acids

That is it for now, next week we will be tuning in with little fat ladies, in #mylittlegarden #PineappleChunkadventures.


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Amazing colas.... fantastic growth. You´re gonna have a fine huge harvest! Keep it going!


Sir yes sir dude!

Beautiful progress friend! Those ladies are really shaping up! No wasted space in there 💚You probably mentioned it but, what are the contributing genetics in this strain?


Thanks man! Yeah they are starting bloom properly, even dough there is some empty space, well not empty but could be used much better. I'm not following - how do you mean contributing genetics, contributing to what? Lineage? CheeseSkunkPineapple. Currently, they have citrusy-pineapply scent.. yummy.

It seems the sun is blazing up there and these bud guys are making their way through it :D


Hell yeah, dude!

Nice garden, medicinal shrubs beautiful..I like that.


Thanks man. Things are just heating up!

Me like the fatties man!!!! they are looking awesome, bro! good work


Thanks dude! Im under the impression that they are having too much Nitrogen, and today its Sugar Royal (9%N) time, so maybe they are going to get just half of the dose. Got your plants ever over green with resin additives?


What I do when fattening weeks come is I add more of the PK fattening fert(in my case Big Bud or Overdrive) and I put less from my main base fertilizer(Connoisseur A+B) that way I reduce Nitrogen which is not that needed at that stage,
So, in your case, I would add more or just give it the recommended dose of Bloombastic and Reduce the Mills A+B


Great minds think alike! :) Lowered a+b to 60% of the recommended dose for the last watering and balancing it with more Moonshine and Bloombastic. Next feed is full attack mode on 2.4 EC


Looking forward to seeing how they take it. I don´t remember going above 2.0EC ever, I have a tendency to stay at 1,8EC is almost psychological. You must have a very good air circulation with lots of CO2 available to the plants for them taking all that without burning them???


Well its how I do it, and this would be the "easy" feeding schedule for mills nutrients... 1.8-2.0 would be my EC for sativas in the soil...
and this is just for soil. Mills would go up to 2.8 in coco without a prob (my guess).
In Coco EC goes easy up to 2.6 as you can see in this Plagron feed schedule for COCO (grew some strawberries, and some weed in drip systems) and both went up to 2.8 in heavy flower and loved it. Coco nutrients have loads more of micronutrients that your classic AB don't have and that is why you cannot push it so hard. Loads of small pieces are missing and gears are not turning as well as they should.


Yeah, I have one Co2 Exhale bag + very good airflow as well.

Move aside feet, it's all about the thumbs now 😉😂


And the best thumb of them all, thumbsUP! :)

Beautiful babys.Wish you a thick and THC rich yield. Good smoke greetings


Thanks Phi, let's hope they are no heatstrokes in the area for the next 4 week and we will be flying!

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Great post....great strain.... all looking good... btw....i've ordered a pineapple crack seed ...


Thanks man, you can't go wrong with this one. Cool dude!

  ·  last year

: )

Looks fantastic.


Cheers dude!