Starting Fresh With Pineapple Chunk (Barneys Farm) - 3rd Week of FLOWERING stage; 42 Days old - Filling up the SCROG net

3 months ago

Hey ya dudes!

-a new profile picture and I am absolutely delighted with the end result - thank you so much - you know who you are!

Oh yeah, I can tell you that it's getting crowded in here.
Pineapple babes are growing like crazy, stretching as much as they can till the end of this week and that should be it - with the stretch I mean. What is done is done.

I'm happy how things are turning out, even thinking that 5 plants would do the job just as good as 6 as the smallest one barely getting any attention from the bulb, to be honest, compared to others it's growing like shit; is it the normal plastic pot or the fact she was the only one planted directly to the final pot? I would say both (little dude - top right corner of the picture).

-nice, but not there yet, babes are looking healthy and happy

Now it is perfect time to replace the bulb from Metal Halide 400w to High-Pressure Sodium 600w GIB 92 000 lumen bulb. They will be hanging around 16 inches (40cm) from the tops of the plants throughout the #flowering. From now on pictures will have to be taken through HPS glasses.

-ok - look at that green spectrum just right next to blue one; until now general opinion was that the plants cannot see the green light, now scientists maybe have proven that to be wrong. Actually green light is penetrating deep into parts of the leaf encouraging photosynthesis. According to the new issue of Maximum Yield

They grew out of the net continuing towards the sun, nothing that some garden wire and half an hour cannot fix. Every shoot was carefully placed in its square in the net and secured with the garden wire.

Just a day after - #babes are looking stunning again. Do not be afraid to tie your girls down here and there. They just love it (not necessarily true for human girls). I have to distance myself from any encouragement in tying down people of other or same sex, during before or after any sort of human activity).

-6 beautiful #indica marijuana plants all leveled up; and more-less just where I want them

Bottoms have been easily trimmed down - there is no point in having shoots that will never see the light and at best become a popcorn bud.

-camera is acting silly taking darker photos without a flash - loads of things to learn, less and less interest :)

Stage: Flowering
Light: 12h light/ 12h dark
Irrigation frequency: every 2 days; 0.5gal (2lt) per plant
PH: 6.4
EC: 1.5

#Pineapple Chunk - Barneys Farm

3x3x6ft (1x1x2m)
High-Pressure Sodium 600w; GIB 92 000 lumen bulb
3-gallon super air pots

Mills Vitalize - silicic acid
Canna CalMag - calcium, magnesium + micronutrients
Mills - A - Base nutrient
Mills - B - Base nutrient
Moonshine - natural enhancer
GH - Fulvic acid - Nutrient absorption enhancer
Hesi - Supervit - Plant active Vitamins and amino acids

-don't have a clue what is this guy still doing here - but when it works don't change a thing

It is going to be a hell of a #Pineapple ride! What do you think - can I get more than 25 ounces (700 grams) out of my six babes?

"Friend with weed is a friend indeed" - EEka Mouse


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Damn bro that grow looks fully now 👀 grow baby grow 🍼


Oh yeah, you can say that again! Cannot wait for the first boom!


Us neither ;D


Yeah, your babes look great and very healthy... I can see them from the colors of the leaves... I'm watching your grow , mine are still at early stages at 32nd day after sowing.


Thank indaymers man! Yeah so far I am very happy how things are playing out. Oh you are in for a boom soon cause they will double in size in next 10 days! Keep tuned!


Hehe cheers dude! I'm looking for pineapple size buds :)

Love the logo design, VERY smooth!...


Tanks dude!

hey nice work! Did you take clones of the six ladies? I ask because the early finishing Pineapple chunk is the best which finishes between 55-60 days if it goes longer it has less cheese and more pineapple. IF you get the short flowering period plant it will reek and be chunky potent buds. The other phenos are not as good.


Thanks man! Still have 4 seeds in the pack so there is no need, and I'm doing just this one run of pineapple and moving on to something else...
That is some seriously good info for next time though! Smoke on!

Cool logo and nice looking grow you have there.


Thanks man! We have a bright future waiting ahead...