Starting Fresh With Pineapple Chunk (Barneys Farm) - 2,5th Week of FLOWERING stage; 38 Days old

last year

What's up Dudes and Dudettes?!

Hope your joints are fat, heavy and full of lovely green resinous sticky stuff! Been on a little unplanned break from; not on toking the weed, of course, working on a hemp fiber project that has been sitting on the shelves for too long. Well don't allow me to digress any further, you are here to see what is going on with the #Pineapple Chunks in #mylittlegarden

-one happy girl gang; 4 days ago

Four days ago DIY scrog net found its way into the tent, over the babes that have already grown higher than expected. Flowering is doing its thing, mainly marked by the final #stretch where the plants try to get as close as possible to the sun.

-like every proper bad girl, my babes love to get tied down

This would be the perfect time to introduce the canopy netting as stalks are still soft and bendy. I will try to fill out the net with growing shoots as even as possible keeping in mind 16-20 inches (40-50cm) distance between top shoots and the bulb in the end flowering.

-white pistils are starting to show all around the plants while uneven branching is a clear sign of #flowering

Rather than pulling the plants through loops and using two nets, I like to tie the plants down with little gardening wire to the netting - like this I can make sure canopy is going to be exactly where I want it.

-no bruising, beating, topping, no stress; just #LowStressTraining for my babes

-tops are always rushing to the sun first

Dude, I checked up on the plants yesterday and... Wow, they have grown a lot considering I've missed one watering by a day and in pre-flowering. Let's hope it won't stall them too much.

-it is just a pleasure to watch them grow

-here they look spot on; live some of them look maybe a bit too green (too much Nitrogen) but clearly tying down suits them - which is more important anyway ;)

-as they grow they will be tied around creating "hundreds" of shoots; buds to be!

-bye for now! - the hanging lego man! While in the background the smallest plant of pineapple (normal pot & no transplant) chunk is lurking and waiting for its moment, everything she ever dreamed of becoming - one big top motherfucking 2-ounce cola

Stage: Flowering
Light: 12h light/ 12h dark
Irrigation frequency: every 2 days
PH: 6.0
EC: 1.4

#Pineapple Chunk - Barneys Farm

3x3x6ft (1x1x2m)
400w Metal Halide bulb
3-gallon super air pots

Mills Vitalize - silicic acid
Canna CalMag - calcium, magnesium + micronutrients
Mills - A - Base nutrient
Mills - B - Base nutrient
Moonshine - natural enhancer
GH - Fulvic acid - Nutrient absorption enhancer
Hesi - Supervit - Plant active Vitamins and amino acids

Something funny philosophical and entertaining. My mind is empty as a cookie jar.


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Awesome, just wondering if those are branches or you planted them so close.


Thanks dude, in total there are 6 plants.

they are looking awesome, well done mate!!


Thanks man, yeah they look nice indeed, cannot wait to see all the tops and how it turns out :)

Good , healthy plants... for the first time I see the use of the grid...I'm thrilled..


Thanks man, Ive fucked a bit making the net short - there would be more options if it was bigger...


Sometimes you have to add a second layer of scrogging if they shoot up too much after the first one goes in. It’s hard to know when you change strains how a new one will grow.


Rather than pulling the plants through loops and using two nets, I like to tie the plants down with little gardening wire to the netting - like this I can make sure canopy is going to be exactly where I want it.


Take note.

The plants look very healthy. Neon green.


Thanks smokey! Il make sure they stay that way!

I am looking forward to pick up the vital informations i need from your post


Cool dude, glad to hear the knowledge is passed on! Keep on growing man!


Thanks :)

Yes, your grow tent is looking great. Good job:)


Thanks man!

Looks like the gang of girls I'd love to hang with. And I just thought that this kind of pineapple ladies would never be deemed controversial in any way!


Heey mayb! Pineapple on a pizza?!? wtf? Are you crazy? What if I was Italian? I would be insanely mad! Maddona mia! Que ragazza! Love pineapples sometimes even on a pizza, but some meat fiesta sounds a lot better!

they are Awesome and beautiful !!! :)


Thanks dude!