Starting Fresh With Pineapple Chunk (Barneys Farm) - 1st Week of FLOWERING stage; 28 Days old

last year

Howdy - Ho! How are you smokin people of Smoke?

It is always sunny in my garden! Pineapple Chunks are going stronger than expected.

-Lookin beautiful on the day of the switch

#Vegetation is ending
In only a few days after the last post babes have grown a lot. Like 5 inches per day, actually so much that decision was made - its time to kick them to flowering. Oh yeah just love the feeling- the fun has just started. Its time to go crazy!

-Exactly 2 days ago timer was changed from 18 hours of light to only 12 hours of light and that is a sign for my babies that it is #flowering time! Digital timers tend to be more reliable than analog ones; plan your lights to be ON overnight when the rate for electricity is often cheaper and ambient temperatures are lower

- it's wise to move plants around - taller to the ends and smaller in the middle - closer to the light - so they at least have a chance of evening out. The first plant is slightly stretching while the second one is extremely #bushy.

-loads and loads of future bud sites

#educational tip to save some time
Preflowers are important - it is strongly advised to wait for the preflowers to show before flipping to #flowering. That way plant has time to do its processes without stress and flower in its pace; flowering will last the same amount of time (or even longer) if they are flipped before the preflowers show.

-female preflowers on this Pineapple (middle of picture)

-rejigged plants (non-air pot and the non-transplant plant is falling behind)

All photos are from the flip day; except the following ones - fresh from this morning. Just look at the difference 2 days make!

-air-pots are doing their thing, letting roots to the air where they dry out and get air-pruned; 2 new young roots start to grow from the beginning of the pruned one

Stage: Flowering
Light: 12h light/ 12h dark
Irrigation frequency: every 3 days

#Pineapple Chunk - Barneys Farm

3x3x6ft (1x1x2m)
400w Metal Halide bulb
3-gallon super air pots

Mills Vitalize - silicic acid
Canna CalMag - calcium, magnesium + micronutrients
Mills - A - Base nutrient
Mills - B - Base nutrient
Moonshine - natural enhancer
GH - Fulvic acid - Nutrient absorption enhancer
Hesi - Supervit - Plant active Vitamins and amino acids
Advanced Nutrients - Bud Blood - flowering ignitor

Join me next week in more adventures from my little garden, and now time to relax, a well deserved fat joint is waiting for me. Stay well!


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Your plants look great!


Thanks dude!

Wow, nice garden with a beautiful flowering and Chunks are going to be stronger than expected because you take proper care of your garden


We are still far from that point, I'm expecting first white hairs in a few days and baby buds in 2 weeks time!

28 days ??


Yeeeeeeha! And we are kicking up a gear! Thank you, li-dude!

lol! @thecodelion. You popped in my mind last night before I fell asleep. I sometimes read handles wrong on the internet. Just a translation problem. When the words are all pressed together, I don't recognize them immediately. So, in my mind you've always been the codelion, more like dandelion or … I would need to speak it out, so you get it. Anyway, yesterday, I was short before entering the void, when all the sudden, you popped into my mind and I was like: "Code-lion! He's a lion! A code lion! Someone who's coding and maybe a Leo as his zodiac?!" Whatever. I was reading you wrong until last night. I thought you should know! xD


:) @mayb hahaha. Love to hear that I still pop into girls minds before bed XD. Well, the story behind the name Codelion starts as any story that I can tell, with loads of splifs. I was looking for a flower or a plant vibe and suddenly cotyledons (first 2 leaves on the plant) came to mind, something new fresh with loads of potential. Lighted up next joint and red the word 10x in a row - suddenly codelion popped out. I was pretty happy with that. Sounded like a power flower covered with mystery. Only a few weeks later revelation struck me - dude what the fuck - this looks like a Code-lion. So actually you were reading it right - at least I think so... Hahaha so funny - great minds think alike! I suck at coding and I'm a fishy zodiac.
Not impressed with you witch talent dough, but hold on with making that voodoo doll of mine :)


:D lol! Oh my! I hadn't fully thought that through, obviously! I don't know about girls, in mine you did. And it's hilarious that you had a similar process with your nick. I'd like to start a poll now. How to pronounce @thecodelion ? Or you could make it a contest!


Hahaha yeah, dude that is sweet, life is funny :) About the poll, go for it! I would be very interested in a result - what first pops to mind! To be honest, I am not interested in doing the poll/contest myself; it would look too much like self-promotion type of thing. It looks so much better when someone else is talking nicely about you :)
What can I say? Go for it!

Those babies look awesome dude!!! I love that digital timer of yours, I´ve been wanting to get one for ages and I keep forgetting to order one every time I go to the grow store.Re-smoke!!!


Thanks man, its a really cool gadget. You can get this sort of thing in any hardware store and it's going to cost you less. You have 20 off on programs with a 1min precision so you can program your timer to slowly reduce daytime to 12/12 even dough it would be a 15 min job to program it (he has all days in the week an all kind of mumbo jumbo packed in).