Flower time! Yeah baby - let them shine!

7 months ago

There is no messing about here - we are in a race to the sky - "Blue Dream".

Blue dream is getting ridiculously big. It outgrew Bubbas gift by the double. Peyote isn't even a competition at this point. Just to remind you Peyote sprouted three weeks after the other two. Maybe Il lift the pot in some way if he doesn't explode soon.

Today I have flipped the switch or better to say changed my timer from 18 hours of light to only 12 hours of light (#12/12). This means business. Their internal clock will tell them that days are getting shorter and it is time for #flowering! Soon they will be covered with white hair as all of them are #feminized seeds. The plan was to wait a bit more for Peyote to catch up, but Blue Dream does not care, so what has to be done, has to be done.

So far they have been watered with only PH water with a couple of additives.
-Mills start
-Mammoth P
-Hesi Super Vit
-Bio tabs Orgatrex
-Fulvic acid

When using Mammoth P I'm not using Orgatrex or Biosys and vice versa, but rather I rotate them.

-Mills feeding schedule and instructions for mixing nutrients. You should follow these recommendations using any nutrient company.

Only in the last 2 waterings, I have been starting to add Mills A and Mills B basic nutrients in the ratio of 6ml per 3 gallons so my babies can get the taste of it. I will use it from now on in every second watering with half strength recommended dose and then increase to every watering as the plants' requests. Current flowering (light - because they have a heavy feed schedule for strains that love to eat nutrients) feeding schedule recommends 25 ml per 3 gallons so I am far of manufacturers numbers but I don't care as long as my plants are happy.

-Blue Dream

Flowering times are varying and it is going to be very interesting to see the battle for the light.
Even you would not say by the current events, the first one that is going to be hanging upside down is Bubbas Gift with a flowering time of just 45-50 days, a bit over 7 weeks.

-Peyote Critical

After her Peyote Critical has her turn after 58-63 days or full 9 weeks of flowering for this beauty.

-Bubbas Gift

Finally, Blue dream trio is going to spend some time alone in the tent for 65-70 days or full 10 weeks of flowering - which is not too bad for a lovely sativa.

I have moved them around a little bit today we have another watering and topping up with bat guano enriched soil. It is a good way to fasten up the flowering.

-little surprise in my tent, a baby #banana tree that has been struggling for some time in my living room so it is only fair to give her a little boost of the sun.

Anyway, the flower countdown clock has started to tick, the world makes sense again.

Stay well, well high!


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Wow this is so beautiful it really growing up very fast congratulations brother.


Thanks man, Yeah Blue dream topped my all expectations. I hope he is going to do the same in the flowering!

Great idea to hang the fan like that! My mind is blown away by your grow. Great work!


Thanks cannaman, what are you going to say when we hit the flowering... Hehe. Btw the hairs are already out.

hermosas tomas mi gran amigo


Gracias amigo, lo mejor de todo es que solo pueden ponerse más bonitos.

That Bubba's Gift, what is the lineage on it?


Developed by Humboldt Seed Organization, Bubba’s Gift is a strain unlike any other. Despite being almost purely indica, this cross between Bubba Kush and God’s Gift...
From - https://www.leafly.com/indica/bubbas-gift

You have a lot of discipline and dedication for your crops and I'm surprised by the control for the application of nutrients


Ha well, what can I say, I've fucked up a lot when I was younger and through that mistakes, I have been learning a lot. They are going to get the full dose - maybe even more - but only just at the right time.

Your grow farm is beautiful... I can see that some of your plant are close to harvest


Nah man far off it, were just getting started....