Bubbas Giftt Harvest @ 65th day of Flowering - Huge Yield (disappointment)

5 months ago

Hello dudes and dudettes, I hope you having a wonderful day because today is the #harvest day for Bubbas Gift #1 and #2!

-Bubbas Gift #1 top cola, tiny buds with loads of crystals #budporn LOL

It has been 4 weeks of veg and 65 days of #flowering for this little plant. It makes no sense to leave it longer as I need the space for other plants and that the Humboldt states flowering time of 50 days it is 2 weeks overdue already. The plant has been #flushed three times with plain water PH6.5 in 10 day period.

-Bubbas Gift before the chop

Before harvest, it is wise to do some #preparation for it as well. Some people love to leave the plants in dark for up to 48 hours before harvest, they are convinced that the procedure increases resin production in the last 2 days. Maybe if I find the space I try it out on Peyote or Blue Dream.
Sharpen your scissors, get a trimming tray where trim and crystals can be collected from, 2 (resin trim, waste trim) paper bags to store the trimmings in and I use a big cardboard box to hang the buds and dry them. If you prepare all of this a day before you can literally save hours looking for the stuff 5 min before the harvest.

-well prepared; a number of scissors from heavy duty to fine trimming and a couple of joints + vape pen infused with THC if joints run out

This Bubbas Gift was genetically fucked, even Humboldt admitted it themselves. Better that than denying - everyone can make a mistake. But yeah plants are nice and bushy, with a couple of twin branches and leaves, even found a male flower on one of the plants. To be honest, you cannot be not disappointed with the size of buds - they are ridiculously small but still beautiful and shiny.

-if I had a tent full of these there would be a lot of fucks this, fuck that, fucking them in this post. Smell is fruity with woody and piney and even ashy notes, to sum it up - smell is amazing

The usual way to do it is to remove all the fan leaves and leaves that can be easily pulled off by hand, to cut off branches in the length of the box you are hanging them in and trimming that branch of the plant and immediately hanging him.

-top cola #1 trimmed is blasting with resin

-top cola #2 is not much bigger but it is (for few calyxes) and smelling a bit more on the fruity citrus side

-sugar resin on both plants could be found on fan leaves; a box of Bubbas Gift

-off to drying in 55% humidity, hoping to get an ounce out of it but considering the size of the buds it will be tough

To conclude; a nice growing healthy plant with ridiculously small buds an amazing smell. Let's hope Peyote Critical and Blue Dream do much better - harvest is within a week. Exciting times are ahead, better calm myself down with a spliff.

Puff, Puff, Puff ..... remember to pass!


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You got skills, that looks like some serious


Thanks dude, cannot wait to see what are you going to say when you see Peyote Critical and Blue dreams :)


Sounds good


Update is just a few hours away :)

Nothing can be more aggravating than spending all those weeks planting, caring for your plants then having a small yield. That's what I've been working diligently on the last few grows... how to get bigger yields.


Most important factors for big yields.

  1. Genetics
  2. Environment
  3. Nutrients & supplements
  4. Love and care
    Yeah I'm committed to the same cause, but recently more going in for the flavour and quality.

On the plus side ,small BUT beautiful buds ! and you got a few ready -rolled . : )


I was done in an hour and a half, totally did not expect this, overpreparation is never a bad thing. :)

Looking stellar dude. Mouth watering


Thanks dude, let's hope so! There will be a short drying time (ridiculous bud size) and I cannot wait to try it out!

Congrats!!!! It made me laugh your prep since I do the same, having the J´s rolled and ready while trimming LOL


Thanks man, that is nice, love to make people laugh :) I was going around for years making everything around me sticky rolling joints bringing beers and equipment while doing harvests.

I kinda like oddly growing plants from seed. I feel like they focus on resin and terpene production more when the buds are lacking.


Hey dude, don't get me wrong I love to get a few different phenotypes like the case with Blue Dream, but this Bubba is ridiculous. Now after a few days of drying, I'm lowering my expectations to half an ounce from two plants. LOL.

I love your drying method in the box..the cardboard material would surely absorb humidity making the stuff drying faster...


Thanks indaymers man! Also, there are holes on the bottom of the box and opening at the top so the air can move freely. I find it very handy.

They look pretty cool but you are correct they are very small buds, but more importantly is how do they smoke? Thanks for sharing mate, bong on bro. :-)


We will find out in about week time they are still drying and I don't want to touch them without a few days of curing. :)

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Thanks dude, but a 200$ for a 1ml vape cartridge is a bit too much. But I am more than happy to test one and review it if you ship it my way ;)


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Yeah, I guessed so; he ain't getting any upvote with those prices for sure, but thanks for the info. :)