Babies are not babies any more - and some new babies - because I love babies!

2 years ago

Hi all high people!

The story of 6 amigos continues. They all have successfully rooted easy plugs in a few days, even dough I could wait a bit more, but anyway they have been transplanted to a 0,3-gallon pot that I have prepared earlier. They liked the supermix very much, but IMO because of low humidity #vegetation is going slow... very slow... now it is 4 weeks since Blue dream and Bubbas gift germinated...

This are my girls after a week in the 0.3-gallon pots. Decided to give them another few days to properly root up. Blue dream is a lot bigger than Bubba.

Transplantation followed to their final pots - it was about time. Now they can spread their roots as far as they want to. They have been poted to Super Air pots that act as they have twice as volume. Using holes in the pot and directing roots to the air makes them air-pruned - so the plant starts to grow new fine mesh of root on the base of this root, instead of spinning in circles like in normal pots and eventually end up rootbound.

When #potting up make sure to push the soil to the holes on the sides of the pot to fill the holes - watering will be a much easier task if this done properly. The rest of the soil gently tap down.

The plan is to vegetate them for 2-3 weeks more and flip the switch to 12/12.

Pots are 3 gallons in size and filled to the brim with super soil mix. Mix of 9 species mycorrhiza fungi was sprinkled around root pits where plants were planted for better rooting. Watered only with 6.0 PH water and EC of 0.4. Next watering will be the first feeding time

Here you can see how the #Indoor tent looks like; on the bottom left I have a fan blowing air in and on to circulating bigger fan (in the picture) which is blowing the air all around the space. On the top, we have a 400w MH bulb pushing out 38.000 lumens. This will be enough till the 2nd week of flowering when on stage is coming 600hps with 90.000 lumens and the party begins!

And got some nice seeds of Peyote Critical (Barney's farm) from an old friend so I had to germinate them - now they are with the flying squad. It is supposed to be very good genetics with massive buds of incredible high. Didn't have time to get the air pots for all of them but i have managed to work out the extra pots - 2gallon extended to 2.8 gallons - pot in a pot.

I have read somewhere that weed likes to push roots deep and my last comparison in my last grow between air pot and this pot is that this extended thing won. Sure, there was a lot of mould issues with the plant in air pot and position of the plants was in favour of the non-air pot plant. And add the fact - it was my first time using airports and I still had problems watering because improper potting up. Now we have a new experiment. Let's wait and see.

Even a blind hen picks in the right spot - eventually.
Stay sharp!


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Rapid Rooters are great! Cant wait to see you cross the finish line bro!


HighWay Crossed.

Very nice setup! We are a cannabis community of Steem and Smoke, and we love this post!



Thanks man, it is nice to se a big comunity out here! Keep it up!

Are gifs working in the feed? I know it worked for me a few times, but now I just cannot manage to get this bloody thing working..


yes, its working, 3 gifs in total!


I mean that they are not working in the feed, in the actual post all is ok

Good work!



Already at the finish line.

Looking great! There will always be bumps in the road along the way, but perseverance will produce a great end result for you. :-)