8th week of Flowering - Getting ready to harvest

6 months ago

Hey dudes, smokers, tokers and all happy people!

It has been a long time since my last update, we have skipped a week - fu*k fricking work, but here it goes - detailed and extended version!

Babes have been packing up nicely in the last two weeks, getting weight and some of the prettiest #colours around under our GIB Dual spectrum HPS sun. Buds are getting big, but not #massive except peyote critical who is sitting right under the co2 bag. The difference in size and bud development with or without co2 is massive - especially if running a bit higher temperatures of 76-78F (28-30 C).

Bubbas Gift (Humboldt)

Now deff I can say that this seed was part of a series that was genetically deficient, good luck in all of this that I did not goo full with this strain how I originally planned. That would suck. Expecting ridiculously low yields - from these 2 plants Il be delighted with 2 ounces dried and cured out.
These little fellas are on their flush week, so no food at all, just good old water with calmag (EC-0,4) PH-d to 6,0. I am anxious to "throw" them out because I need the space for other plants and different placement of Co2 bag where all the plants will benefit from it in the last critical week or two. They will be gone in a day or two - as soon as the soil dries out a bit after the last flush.

-Bubbas Gift #1

-Bubbas Gift #2

They are full of #crystals, all over the plants; event the parts of the plant in the undergrowth that is not getting any sun. Strange little plant this is.

Peyote Critical (Barneys Farm)

Oh dude, I am so happy with this strain. They are all looking the same, healthy, uninformed, same size shape and colour buds, similar bud sites. This is what you want to see when growing to get maximum out of your plants. And they grow big. The smell is crazy - fruity with a dab of earth. Cannot wait to give them the space that they deserve.

-Peyote Critical #1;

-Peyote Critical #1; Closeup

Just look at the size of the thing. #budporn all the way man. This plant is sitting under Co2 bag and is benefiting massively. The growth is just unreal and looks like soon she will need some support. (bottom left corner: notice the size of Bubbas top cola compared to Peyote Critical)

-Peyote Critical #2

We got a beautiful cluster of buds after LST on this plant. All of the buds are packed with resin glands - they look like sugarcoated.

-Peyote Critical #2

-Peyote Critical #2; these 5 buds are going to make me happy for a long time! Looking delicious!

-looking stunning in orange, but they show their true charm when looking through glasses.

-Peyote Critical #3

-Peyote Critical #; closeup

Blue Dream (Humboldt)

Whoa Dude, Just WOW. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the first Blue Dream. He is so compact, smelly and colourful that it is a joy watching him grow. Just stunning. Other two had either different genotypes - more sativa like. They are foxtailing themselves pretty much. let's just hope when they get extra space in the tent, all those spaces between tails will fill up with sticky bud.

-Blue Dream #1; The prettiest of them all. Packing firm dense buds, looking almost ready for harvest. Maybe he will get food one last time before the flush.

-Blue Dream #1; Showing off #purple budporn

-Blue Dream #1; This is why we #grow

-Blue Dream #1; Looks like a dream to me

Foxtailed brothers:
Since the heatstroke that hit them in weeks 3-4 they are still suffering from it. Buds are developing much slower than on the #1. But she is still looking gorgeous. Looks like both of Foxtail brothers will take a week or two more than the breeder anticipated.

-Blue Dream #2; Foxtailed

-Blue Dream #2; Top cola foxtailed as fuck, but filling in!

-Blue Dream #3; Hitting the carbon filter - but I cannot reach that part of the tent

Each plant is getting 2/3of gal (2 lt) of water every 2 - 3 days

Feed every watering

Ph - 6.2
EC - 1.6-1.8

Nutrients (in order of appearance):
Canna Calmag
Mills A&B 2/3 dose
Atami Bloombastic - full dose
Plagron Sugar Royal - full dose (only once per week)
Mammoth P - full dose
Hesi Supervit - full dose

From now on you can expect more frequent posts and apologies for skipping a week. Il say bye for now with my babes doing the waving for me.

-Co2 POWER - If someone ever tells you that #Co2 does not work show them this picture. Difference is hmm... noticable?

Stay sharp!


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Thats what I like to see, real beautiful plants and flowers. Lots of color. Cant wait to see it dried and cured, looks like something serious.


Thanks man! Loads of love and care went in to it. Lets hope they have cracking last 2 weeks!

Wow dude, thats really impressive work. I love the purples Im seeing throughout.


You are going to be seing loads of your colours in the next week as the temperatures are plummiting down to low 60 degrees

Wow! You're awesome at parenting! They could easily win some beauty pageants!

(don't know how I just combined awesome parenting with beauty pageants, however: I love your children.)


Yeah, they grow up so fast, and then you have to kill them. Sometimes its hard to do so easily. But there are just some things in life you got to do. :)

Niiiice, soon you will be tasting the fruits of your work, isn´t that a great feeling?


Hehehe yeah, Im still tasting my Amnesia Blue, Green Crack and Critical + from last harvest so there is absolutley no rush to it :) But the feeling is here :)

What the hell is this. Can't find Tarzan and Jane inside hiding...


If you look closely, you will find Tarzan hanging on to the temp sensor on the 3rd pic from the bottom :) Jane? There are 8 Babies that will answer to MaryJane here ;)


Oh, yeah .you were the one with helpers...

Wow, your babies are so bombastic.... so plenty and for sure, it pays to grow them for your supply. Congratulations!!


They are bombastic from Bloombastic :) Cannot wait to try these ones out!

Wow looks really nice


Thanks Phi!


No problem. :-)

I just flipped my girls on my first grow today. Hoping in 8 weeks or so I have a beautiful post of beautiful girls like you have today. I don't know if it is that joint I just rolled but I swear I almost smell your grow. LOL


Cool dudette! Im sure you will have a mighty harvest if you put a lot of love into it. Hehe yeah the smell is a bit too much - when u touch a plant, Im afraid to go out for few hours after cause I feel everyone can smell me :)


Curious how big is your tent and how many girls do you have in it


Growing 2 Bubbas Gifs, 3 Peyote Critical and 3 Blue Dreams, so eight in total; two too much for my taste. The tent is 3ft x 3ft x 9ft with 600w Hps sunshine.

Wow! These are great! And I totally agree on the CO2. It makes a difference on the inside environment and almost immediately.


Spot on dude! Only its a shame that the bag was hanging next to the carbon filter, so only one plant was high on co2. Now I've made a huge improvement with the bag placement, where all of them should get their fair share of co2. Experiment to follow for sure. Expecting bud boom in 3,2,1...