6th week of Flowering - Shining in the Sun gettin FAT

6 months ago

Howdie ho, dudes and dudettes!

Here we are, in the sixth week growing - great for some and not so great for the others.

#Babes are now around 5,5 feet (170cm tall) - yeah fucking #high, but so am I.

Let's start with Bubbas Gift - 7-14 days left

It is so hard to take a decent picture in your tent with so much plant material, and especially if your model is in the middle. This is the best I could do.

Bubbas Gifts are slowly reducing drinking habits which only means that the end is near. This is a bit of worrying for me as the buds really don't look like it.

-This one even has a heat burn, maybe its a tad heat sensitive.

They are still small, tiny, little buds with a shitload of crystals on them. It must be a genetic fault in this batch of the seeds, this better be an amazing smoke in the end or Il never go back to growing them.

-small #budporn - but resin all over fan leaves. Crazy little plant.

Peyote Critical - 10 to 17 days to go!

I must admit that this is my favorite, just the way she is building buds and developing as a plant - I'm impressed. Looks like she is going to deliver well. And its the first plant I see, and the only one that I can see well actually if we're going to be honest.

  • peyote #1 we are going to follow these 4 buds very closely, just wow

  • peyote top cola #2 #budporn looks massive already and full of crystals - just look at the thing!

-peyote #3 is the smallest but looking beautiful! Picture was taken without the flash.

-peyote #3 side - bottom nugs look nice and 3-5 times in size as top colas of Bubba

Blue Dream - 19 to 25 days to go!

Blue dreams - doing swell, at least the one that has not been heat burned, and other two plants wich parts that haven't foxtailed. Calyxes on buds with heat issues are taking more time to develop and they tend to stretch what is not ideal.

Blue #1 is just looking great! From top to bottom. Buds are nice compact and building fast. We are getting a few orange hairs as well! I am very satisfied with how this one is turning out.

Blue #2 is a bit burned at least at the top, bud growth has slowed down compared to the top plant but still progressing disregarding the heat. Recovering fast - it is going to be interesting to see if all of this stretch can be filled with #calyxes. Lets hope it does!

Blue #3 suffered the most from the heatwave. It has recovered a bit already and on a good way. We depend on outside temperature a bit, so high fluctuations always screw something up in here. And albino bud and his bud is now above the reflector- at least the tip of it. This has never happened to me since they were always tied down or managed somehow. Let's say they caught me by surprise - shame on me right?

-every day there is a little pile of removed undergrowth to increase the airflow as the buds are thickening up

I have reduced the base feed by one third and from next will, I will continue with reductions as the flowering goes on and I am using #Bloombastic full dose 3ml/gal (1ml per L)

Each plant is getting 2/3of gal (2 lt) of water every 2 - 3 days

Feed every watering

Ph - 6.2
EC - 1.6-1.8

Nutrients (in order of appearance):
Mills Vitalize
Canna Calmag
Mills A&B 2/3 dose
Atami Bloombastic
Plagron Sugar Royal
Mammoth P
Hesi Supervit

-Babes showing off; don't you just love it?

-very therapeutic position, through the eyes of a frog.

-love your #trees no matter how big or small

Yours truly,

the Codelion

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That bubba's gift, even with the heat burn, the buds are lookin amazing


If you saw it in person you would be very disappointed. They are so small. Maybe thumb size buds. On top cola. Looks like a massive bud but it just isnt.

Working on making the planet greener and healthier. Nice work.


Thanks dude. Its all going up to smoke so I dont know how much environment friendly it is but it has made a fair share of O2 by now for sure :)

That's not peyote, that's cannabis :P


Lol reminds me of the fastbuds crystal meth strain.. Why name it after another drug? Lol


Yeah, someone, there is fascinated with drugs of all sorts. Like Green Crack. Wtf? :)

Those are really starting to look gorgeous


Thanks Raw. Big is beautiful!

This are love for my eyes 💚 The leafs look super good and the buds are eye watering! 🙂 That position is indeed very therapeutic...going to sleep now and wish i was in that position


Thanks dude, but the smell... mmmmm just stunning how good they smell. That thick smell - almost to get high off it.

They are all looking good but all the peyotes are amazing.


Thanks dude, yeah I agree, I favour the peyotes as well.

Nice where are the seeds from?


Hey dude, thanks, Blue dream and Bubbas Gift are from Humboldt seed company, while the Peyote Critical are from Barneys Farm.

Those babes are looking super healthy man

Wow! Awesome buds, I love them all! I will soon grow too , but this time germinate the feminized auto seeds and I am excited... I used to grow clones ones and mostly sativas. Thanks for the growing tips , for the nutirents you used.


Thanks, so Blue Dream would be your favourite from the lot! Starting something new is so exciting! Make sure to share your babes with us when the time comes. And if I can help in any way, just ask. Cheers dude!

Wow your babies are bursting out of the tent, the forest is looking awesome mate, bong on bro. :-)


Yeah dude, I have to pull a fricking chair to take photos in the tent. Il be bonging on for a long time after this is pulled out :)

Looking awesome


Thanks dude!