5th week of Flowering - Now we are taking Buds, bud

4 months ago

Hi all weed lovin people of this world!

It is time for another update from my little factory of happiness.

Things are going strong - maybe even better than that considering how tall the babes got. I've had some heat issues with Blue Dreams closer to the exhaust, they were getting burned with the heat blown by the fan over the bulb. Growing is constant change, improvements, and experimenting. Not every single grow is the same.

I have rejigged the fan setup a bit - The big box fan is near the intake blowing the fresh air underneath the canopy, while I have 2 pc fans and one oscillating blowing air between the #buds and the bulb towards the exhaust. Let's hope that this is the last from heat stress.

Peyote Critical - countdown: 18-25 days to go!

All three of Peyote are looking just great. A bit of overfeed signs but that is it. Building buds very fast - my guess is that exactly these buds will be the biggest of all. And just look at the number of crystals on fan leaves. Fricking awesome.

-peyote #budporn

Bubbas Gift - countdown: 12-19 days to go!

Bubbas, the indicas look different, there is definitely something wrong with these buds. The calyxes are miniatures but swollen. They are super healthy and branchy with loads of bud sites - but only mini buds. Now I'm very curious how is this going to finish in the end.

-bubba under HPS

Small buds but just unbelievable amount of crystals. Fan leaves are covered with them.

Blue Dream - countdown: 26-33 days to go!

There is still a long wait for these #sativa dominant girls to finish up, but they already look nice. Especially the one out of the hot air current - she stayed compact and looks it is going to be a treat.

-plant on the far left is healthy and transition to the right where plants have been burnt

Top colas on the other two Blue Dreams are stretched from the heat and burned quite hard - we will see how things play out in next couple of days - if they don't fatten up, they are gone. Other parts of the plant look just as they should - beautiful.

-bud on the left is turning albino - too high light intensity :) Burn baby burn

-pistils are extremely fine and thin, while calyxes completely white. Crazy thing

-undergrowth is easily getting trimmed down to incrase the airflow

Each plant is getting 2/3gal (2 lt) of water every 2 - 3 days

Feed every watering

Ph - 6.2
EC - 2.1-2.2

Nutrients (in order of appearance):
Mills Vitalize
Canna Calmag
Mills A&B
Mills C4
Atami Bloombastic
GH Fulvic Acid
Plagron Sugar Royal
Mammoth P
Hesi Supervit

Stop by again next week to my little garden.

Stay mighty high and out of trouble! There is no chill, without a thrill.


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That's surely a factory of happiness you've got there


Oh I would be mad a long time ago without it... Thanks man.



Beautiful looking setup! Going to be hours of fun come harvest!! Keep up the good work
Following for future awesomeness!!


Yeah, there will be at least 3 days of trimming, good thing they are not going to finish altogether so I will be able to take breaks. Thanks Gardenconspiracy I will do wonders then!


Hours of finger cramps from trimming.


Yeah! Cannot wait! 10 preroled joints and go!

They've grown really good! They sure will bring a lot of happiness. 💚


Oh they already have, just love to look at them grow :)

Great buds! It is great to have 3 or 4 strains to smoke, but growing them each one eating as they please, one small and fat, the other tall and skinny...hard to please them all....it can be hard work ;-), I have albinos from time to time, you try new genetics never know how short or tall they going to be until you try them.


Yeah dude, its tottaly fucked regarding feeding i have to mix 2 different solutions for watering, but that is the price of few strains. Peyote would like more, Bubba is fine and Blue Dreams are a bit overfed at the moment, but nothing out of control.
This new California genetics doesn't seem to stable to me... but then again 3 plants are not a representable specimen. Even on Bubbas I'm noticing twin leaves and twin stems; I have one photo il pop it into next post. Crazy things.


We do have a problem lately with the way seed banks(not all of them) are releasing unstable strains, many of them come from plants gone through external processes to turn them hermie and so on.

The greatest breeders I know off refuse to use anything that is nit a regular seed when creating strains, and they do use a huge amount of plants in the selection process.

This doesent mean that maybe amongst hundreds of the seeds coming out of this unstable packets of seeds you might have a Champion, thats why i would recommend to buy stable seeds(the strains we all know from ages, Haze,Skunk,White Widow,AK47, Super silver Haze,Kali mist etc etc)or buy any seed to grow it with the aim of looking for a keeper and then grow from clones.
If not you can end up with 12 plants from the same strain each one growing in a very diferent way

Looking super healthy!


Thanks dude, cannot wait to see what theyve got.

I've been following your growing them and I must say they all came out great! Hope to see the harvested strains soon. Well done!


Thanks dude, yeah it's going quite nice so far even with the fact that they are too tall, these last few weeks usually fly by, lets hope its going to be the case with this one too.

You have a nice garden there my friend. I wish I can have such a garden, cannabis is still largely illegal here.


Campaign for change 👍

Check the yield on bluedream outdoors its 3kg well up to but still good :) nice setup


Wow, on one plant? That's crazy!

Looks great!


Cheers, not a car dude.