4th Week of Flowering - My babies outgrew me!

7 months ago

Hello dudesters and dudesses!

We are strongly plowing through #flowering, now in the middle of the 4th week - all is going as it should. It seems they have stopped growing, even dough I wasn't convinced so I had to attach the reflector directly to the tent frame to get more height - a couple of inches could play a crucial role in not getting your plants burned.

-cannot get much higher; this is not an Avenger advert, but if you ask they are fucking great!

These are definitely the #tallest plants I had in the tent- ever; vegetation of 4 weeks is deff too much for Blue Dream even if they get topped. Next time flowering will be kicked off with the 3rd week of veg - this kind of games are not good for my heart.

-It will be interesting to see how things are going to play out in the tent

Blue Dreams - #sativa - are looking amazing, white hairs are growing like crazy - it was about the time. Loads of bud sites and so far the construction of buds and bud sites looks very promising. Two Dreams on the right got heat stressed pretty much and that is why yellowing of the leaves. Something about that will be done - extra vent blowing across the bulb should do the trick, but when you don't have the time...fuck it. But for now, they just have to ride through it.

-looking good

-heat burn


Peyote Critical - #indica - is going great, the stretch is gone - now they are popping hairs and crystals everywhere. I have very high expectations of these plants because they are on the cool side of the tent so that should go in their favor.

-Peyote #1 not LST

-Peyote #2 LST

-Peyote #3 LST #LOLnugporn

Bubba Kush - #indica - is looking a bit funny - the bud growth looks miniature - calyxes are so tiny but full of crystal. She is the far ahead of other strains on resin matter. Weird looking plant and I'm happy to see what kind of buds are they going to pop out in the end.

-buds look tiny

-small but shiny as hell

As usual, I'm trimming the lower parts of the plant to focus the energy on the top buds; all new shoots are being plucked off and any fan leaves that have some damage or is showing any deficiency, I'm making sure the air flow in the canopy is decent enough - Mould is my nemesis.

-when I get the time bottoms will be trimmed to about 3 feet (1m) of height.

So yeah that's it for now see you next week with even better news and pics :)

-huuuuuuuge babes, let's hope they will be fat as they are tall.

Chill in and out,


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That's a pretty sweet set up you got going on. I Wana see those Bubba nugs get huge!


Thanks dude, yeah it took a lot of work and time setting it up...and as every hobby is never good enough - there are always better parts :)
Bubba looks like he is going to be more into density than size - i have good info that the seeds are unstable and producing funny but excellent tasting and smoking crops

that's a beautifull jungle what you got there!!!being at the 4 1/2 week they should not grow much more. you still have a bit to pull if you get rid of the lamp hangers and use a rope or a flange and tie the adjust a wing to the structure


Great minds think alike; the first pic is the one with the zip ties to the top of the tent, the second pic is how it was. My mistake I should have made it more clear in the text. :)


LOL.......Stoners....can't beat us at using imagination , give us time and a spliff and we´ll fix the world


I will drink to that!

What beautiful babies you grow... anxious to see the nugs soon! Keep it up I am waiting for the end phase when the time you harvest them comes. Here's to those fat buds..cheers!


Thanks man, you and me both. Let's hope they turn out big whoppers! Bubba should be ready in about month time so make sure you pop by. Cheers!

Nice one dear friend there are really many and all looking good and beautiful you are really taking care of them all, thanks keep it up.


Thank you youngeric dude!

Looking really healthy for now. You don't think they are overcrowded in there?


Thanks man! Overcrowded? Nah dude why would you say that? Think of it from this point - you can cut a plant any time and make room if the need is there, but can't grow an extra few top colas, if you know what I mean...


That is true. Makes sense.


The more the merrier!