3rd Week of Flowering - Maximum light height reached - Oscillating fan installed

7 months ago

Hello happy and high people!

We are three weeks in #flower now and babes are starting to look nice. They are still growing and stretching a bit, let's hope this is the last run in height - because I have no more space!

Regardless of using wire and bendz to bend them down Blue dreams are now stretched to around 5,4 feet (160cm) high so I am at the limit already, there is going to be tight space for them to develop buds, even when I remove the rope ratchets and hang the reflector directly to the top of the tent frame there are only 8 inches of space to be gained by that maneuver, and the light is still going to be too close. For that reason, the new #oscillating fan is installed. He is going to help to move the air around the top of the plants, not allowing buds to get burned - hopefully, it will work.

-with the HPS glasses

I moved babes around the tent a bit to maximize the airflow and light redistribution - Blue dreams are still in the back but Peyote critical and Bubbas gifts switched places. Bubbas gifts are going to get bit more light stuck in the middle now. Peyote stretched for the light and caught blue dreams by height. They just love stretching if the light is not close enough.

-without HPS glasses

Blue Dreams look dreamy - throwing out white hairs like crazy - now its time to see the magic from bud blood I've used in the first week of flower. There is obviously a bit of heat stress on the plant in the middle - let's hope thing are going to improve now with an extra fan.

-ranger closely monitoring that babes behave - Blue dream

-closeup Blue dream

Bubbas gifts look happy enough in the middle for now - when I find something correct height - they are going to get a boost so they will be closer to the light.

-if you stare long enough you'll see the #crystals already forming - Bubba 1

-Bubba 2

-the oscillating fan in action, he is blowing across 90-degree area with 2 speeds

Peyote critical - two of them caught up with the highest plants in the tent while one of them decided that he's grown enough and started to put on some light "weight".

-Peyote 1

-Peyote 2

-crazy stretch by Peyote about 10 inches internode

Another thing I have been postponing for too long is the second round of lollypoping or trimming off lower branches that won't see the sun - as the light is going to be on the very top of the tent.

Try to do this as early as possible so the plant does not waste energy on developing that undergrowth. Here I have my trusty scissors and a small container with alcohol to disinfect the blades after every cut.

Mills Vitalize
Mills A & B
Mills C4
Plagron Purezym
Fulvic acid
Mammoth P
Sugar Royal
Hesi Supervit
Atami Calmag

Every plant got around 3/4 gallon (2.5 liters) of water
PH-6.1 - no need to adjust the PH after adding nutes they self-correct

It is time to say goodbye, for now, follow me and my babes next week in new adventures - only on Smoke.io

Have a fantastically high weekend!

Yours truly,


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Damn the plants are lookiny great mate! Lets hope they stopped stretching ^^
Looking forward to seeing how much these mommas will yield


Thanks dude! I still have a few tricks up my sleeve (superspreader for the HPS bulb) and few for the bud mass, but expectations are the weight is going to pull them down a bit as well :)

Great looking grow you've got there! Can't wait to see the harvest :D


Thanks man, lets hope this month will fly by, and we are there!

starting to look nice!? They look AMAZING!!! I can only but look and wish i was there seing that view with my own eyes instead of pictures.
What do you plan to do with all that quantity?


Thanks dude, well they just started to flower and we all now real beauty is in how FAT they are. What do I plan? Plan is to smoke it all, make some oils, edibles, bho, there are loads of things to do with a nice weed..

Good Job! :D

You're definitely learning and it looks great in there. :D


Thanks man. Every day is a new classroom. :)