1st week of Flowering. 600w HPS is in the house! + Lollipoping and Bud Blood

7 months ago

Hope you are doing well as my plants are! I have been very busy in the last few days.

First I've #lollipoped the Bubbas gift - both girls.

It's just something I try to do all the time, but sometimes just too lazy.

-the point would be removing all bud sites that are in the canopy and that are not getting light so the plant won't waste any energy on them

-Peyote is started to #stretch like crazy trying to kiss the bulb, and on my huge surprise normal deep pot (one pot with the bottom cut off placed into the other pot) is outperforming airpots (the same story like last grow)I just cannot believe it. Maybe they are too big for this short veg... Next time I will experiment with an equivalent in claimed size.

-Even boosted up with pots they are not taller than the Dream in a normal pot.

-Blue Dreams from couple days ago, #growing fast


It was about time to introduce my babes with bud blood - how cool does it sound. It is a powerful powdered PK stimulant that should fasten up flowering transition and give that extra PK 39-25 levels at the start of flowering that plants need.
It should be used at the first week of flowering in ratio 10 grams per 6 gallons.

-Bubba loved that trim and now he is reaching up high with all of his top bud sites - most importantly Peyote is there.

-View through the BoxFan

-closeup of the 400w Metal Halide bulb; and time to replace her

Behold - 600w of pure bliss - As it is 1st week of #flowering it is time to replace the bulb

-GIB bulbs

-HPS on the left side and MH on the right side

-Babes are going to burn under a lot stronger sun from now on - spec comparison

-you just have to love the orange color of HPS

And another thing I always wanted to try - Bendz! A little plastic bend thing that allows you to put your stalks at the exactly 90-degree curve where you want it without damaging the plants. Just wonderful! Take a look at it in action.

-Let's try them on this tops!

-time to let the girls do their thing and light up a fatty!

Yours truly;


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OOh. I've never seen the bendz before. That looks useful! I just switched to flower two days ago myself and it is def a happy time! Good luck with the rest of your grow.


Oh yeah! Those do sound useful!

Now that’s a grow. Your plants look amazing. I’ve never seen that fast 90 degree bend doohickey. Pretty interesting.

It's like a forest , good work man!


Thanks man, even dough im not too happy, sativas and indicas together fricking hard to keep leveled cannopy. But for sure we can try!

Very nice pictures with interesting details @thecodelion! Resmoked! Happy SMOKE!


Thanks dude!

hey dude i like the way you flow with your plants! lollipopping is vest way to make a big crop!
i dont like the airpots much i use standart 11L pots :)
but your work is looking great!
peaced harimbadl!