10 And A Half Weeks Of Flowering - Fat, Fatter and the Fattest - Budporn Baby!

7 months ago

So here we are again, just a few more days and harvest is here! Sun is not going to rise much more time for these babes. But its all about that higher purpose, right? Their job on this world is done; captured some carbon; made a lot of oxygen and bunch of sticky oil we praise to the sky. This is the business of getting high!  Probably these are going to be last images of them in the tent and take your chance to have a peak, so fuck written words and let's have a look.

-my babies turned into #beasts with Peyote Critical leading the #nugporn gang

peyote Critical top cola up close; even more up close - she is an absolute whopper!

-crazy plant - still growing with no food for 2 weeks!

Blue Dream #1

- colors are just amazing with this phenotype! Branches are bending over and need support but they are not huge, let's hope buds are super #heavy!

-buds are looking super - small compared to the other plant, but hard as oak; has much more color and look frostier

-Blue Dream in purple :)

Blue Dream #2

-from the topping we got 2 main top colas (pics up and down), which are by the way massive

-with and without the HPS glasses - let's hope those leaves are hiding a lot of buds!

-bottom buds look swollen and covered in resin

Harvest is planned for ... hmmm, I'm not sure, I would like to leave them for a few more days and when I think about it, I have to because I didn't start anything new yet; so my first mission is to pick 6 seeds from my stash and start a new life! When these seeds pop out of the soil, or just before, then will be the perfect time for harvesting - maybe a weeks time.

Thanks again for visiting my little garden, hope you loved the flowers!

Smoke by smoke - higher and higher!


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Splendid grows.

Hope your plants stay alive and don’t turn fully yellow overnight before your seeds sprout. If they do, should become rather relaxing, close to couch lock levels. 👌


Yeah, they are 2 weeks overdue now, but still, massive amounts of pistils are clear, or at least there was 2-3 days ago, and buds were still growing so I don't see a problem in that. They are going down tomorrow as I have a day off so there is a whole day to garden around.

What amazing photos. Must be spellbinding to see in real ... nice one keep growing!


Thanks dude! It's amazing to feel the excessive weight on top when you move the plant or grab her by the stalk - she is close to the point where she cannot support herself. Will do man - growing is what I do!

This looks like something that Giger created for Aliens.


Oh, I love her too dude. A bit beauty, mostly beast :)

Is that ribbon a secret call for help? Are you asking for someone from Germany to help you with your harvest? ; )


That’s a power cord! 😏


… and these are power chords …


I’ve played some of those power chords!


Natürlich meine Dame; Nah just kidding, cords from a German made pc vent (currently using 2 with 170cfm and one monkey fan) it's not my fault they have superior engineering. :)

What the hell... monstrosity on Critical.. looks unreal


Dude I am so proud of it! I'm even thinking on reveging - Imagine 6-8 plants in a tent exactly like this. That woud be fricking insane!

These are incredible! 10 1/2 weeks? Perhaps I'll increase my flowering time if it helps get girls like this! Keep it up. -lj

Superior grow! I feel as though I need to bow to you!

Those bud and colas are amazing!


Thank you so much! But for this one mostly is genetics fault, I've just fed her properly and gave her what she needed; HPS and co2 helped a bit too ;)

The buds in the first few pics look magical, those beasts are going to knock you on your butt my friend. Thanks for the final look at these awesome plants man, bong on bro. :-)


Oh man, the colors are just amazing - the trick is to lower your nighttime ambient temperatures in late flowering down to 60F(15-16c) and if she has any purple genes they will show. Bonging on!

Holy crap!!! that peyote critical cola ain´t a cola but a head.....looking amazing, but, why are you flowering so long?


Thanks man, peyote is a freak of nature. Well, they are still in because I wasn't too happy with the pistils colors on the first plant of Blue dream, so I started to follow the colors of pistils daily and wait for most of them to turn murky. In my practice, I've figured that it's better to wait a bit than to be early.

Wow!!! They are beautiful. Ill take some of each please!!!!


Thank you Francesca! Hahaha Well, If we ever bump into each other you can count on that. ;)