The start of my first grow

2 years ago

The seeds

So I started my first grow. But for some reason planting in the dirt like the guy who gave me the seeds is not working for me. So I decided after two weeks to take the seeds out of the soil and try to germinated them in a paper towel. And guess what they germinated 100% so I think I will be using the paper towel method for now on. Because apparently I either did something wrong when I planted them in the soil because they never broke their shell. I thought I took photos of all three of the seeds I attempted to germinate but apparently I only took photos of two of them.



Transplanting the seedlings to soil

I then had to transplant the seedlings to some soil. I was very nervous doing this because I have read you can harm them in this phase. But they seem to settle right on in to their new homes.





I only filled the starter half way with dirt

As I am trying to create a strong root system. I was very surprised how quickly these took off once in the soil in less than 24 hours it was time to add more soil to the sprout to ensure a good strong root system. And I have to say I am impressed with their progress so far. I did this last night and took these photos. About 15 hours ago.





This morning I go back in there to check on my sprouts

I am very happy to see the progress of all my little seedlings. I hope I can raise them into beautiful girls.


So this is my first attempt at growing

And I am documenting it, so hopefully I can catch mistakes before they become a problem. But I am gonna have to get my grow tent/room situated soon as before long my make shift greenhouse will be too small for these. And I am gonna have to transplant these into bigger pots before too long. These 3 are Northern Lights. I have three other seeds germinating two of them are also Northern Lights and one is an Unknown Auto. One of those Northern Light seeds will be going into a solo cup for the solo cup challenge. Which I will be making an official announcement and post on that later today. But I have been behind so I am attempting to catch up a little bit today with my updates. This post I wanted to get up last night but time got away from me.

Till Next Time Stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so Puff Puff Pass and don't forget today is #RoachSunday don't forget to get your entry in for your chance to win yourself some Smoke and some Smoke Swag.




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Good luck to you. with all the knowledge here, I bet you will succeed.


that is what I hope, figure if I document it well enough if I start to make a mistake maybe someone will catch it before I mess it up .


Yes, I was thinking of starting something small with a full support from community. I would be doing only what they advise.

This is great, we have to start somewhere and i'm sure those seeds will turn into beautiful girls. You're surely becoming one of the best "posters" here. Great reading material, great formatting, great pictures...its posts like this that will bring more people to
You have my full support 💚


Thanks I am so grateful for this platform and am trying to be a good community member that brings value to the site. I love it isn't my first love of Blockchain social media but it is my home on the World Wide Web and always will be, as cannabis is a big huge part of my life.

Nice looking seedlings, I always use paper towel and I think so far it is the best way.

How far away you got the light? Maybe move closer to stop stretching as much.

Glad to see you make the move to #growyourown


It is pretty close to the seedling greenhouse. I can't more it closer or it will be touching the top of the plastic top.


Ah it is in a greenhouse. It will only go so high then


I am gonna move it into a tent when I transplant them to their buckets and it is a small seedling green house I have it in. The ones the peat pots come in.

Nice going. These seedlings are serving multiple purposes for you. You getting something useful and then you get something to share for this smoke community also. I believe now you can do the Teaching tutorials on "How To" kind of stuff :D

I'm sure you will succeed.

Should be a success as there are alot of knowledge and professionals out here who can help you in this field. I myself is learning stuff before planting them.

Wow... fantastic. Mine are still in the paper towel.


My seed for my solo grow challenge is still in a paper towel too. I will be doing the a post on that in a bit.


Oh... ha ha... yeah... lots of various grows going on. Hard to keep track. We will have cups and pots and jars growing all over the place, it’s awesome. The More Cannabis the better. Grow grow grow.....


What will be great if all my northern lights are girls I will have enough of that strain to help my friends at more of an affordable price. Very excited to see this progress and hopefully have a bountiful harvest.

Looking nice for now! Wish you good luck!
If you have any questions, the smoke is here :) hehe

Smoke on!

Great job!

Don't forget that we have many people in the canna server eager to help. Looking great so far!