Solo cup Challenge update: fail

5 months ago

I woke up this morning to my Northern Lights for the solo cup challenge being Dead.

I am so sad it died. I was worried about it because it did seem to stop growing. To be honest the other day I had a feeling it wasn't going to make it. I wish I was wrong but sadly I was right.


I am very sad

But at least it died today and I still have time to figure out a new entry in as I have 14 hours to figure out if I need to germinate a new seed or if I can use one of the gorilla glues I just transplanted into solo cups. I had planned on transplanting all of them in a week or two but of I can use one of them then I will pick one and make a post on it. If not you will see a post on the seed I choose later today. Gonna check with the contest organizers to see what I need to do.

So so sad

I am really sad that one didn't make it. All my other plants are doing well and still growing. But it feels like losing a family member as I love all of those sprouts very much. Till next time stoners, it is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.


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Aww RIP to the little guy, and best of luck with your replacement!

Dust ya self off and try again!


I am won't let this stop me

Oh, I'm so sorry, (unfortunately, I know what it is.) Courage, the next one will be different.


I have three others going in a solo cup, though I don't know if I can use them since I already have them started. The plan was to transplant them into buckets in a week or two when they are bigger and stronger. But so far the three I currently have in solo cups are doing great.


If they're grown from seed, then I don't think splitting 1 of the 3 into a solo cup would be cheating, just a 2nd life 👌

Best of luck with your ongoing grows 👍

It happens to the best growers.

you should try germinating a seed and putting it straight into a full water bottle. you'd be surprised to see how well that works for the first several weeks of growth

I am actually very sad for for it. I don't smoke(but planning to) and because of that i can't make an entry in the solo cup, but i was hoping to see you win and with this, the chances of my favourite participant to win have gone down a bit. I hope you can make it up with a new entry. I really do.


I heard from the organizer I can use one of my other solo cups. I will be picking one later marking it and making an offical entry post.


Thats great. Wishing u best of luck.

Oh don’t be sad! Atleast you gave it a try. It will come good the next time 😃

It is all part of life, ups and downs, births and deaths...Hope you succeed if you try again. If not, you will still have something.

O that sucks, all a learning experience for next time.😀

I think you still have time to get another seed going. Mine is also struggling. Not sure why.... I will post an update later today.


I talked to organizer and I can use one of the gorilla glue that I have going I am actually about to go pick her out right now and get the announcement entry in.


That's the Spirit.

RIP :(

You'll have a better replacement for this seed. It was not willing to grow. A replacement was needed anyway.

Just tell yourself it was the male. 😉