Replacement Solo Cup Gorilla Glue entry

5 months ago

So I want to make sure it is known I have chosen the replacement entry for the Northern Lights plant that died

I could either do an unknown seed and hope it germinates or choose one of the girls I already have in a solo cup before their final transfer. I decided to go with one I already have in the solo cup and I have marked her. I think I might even name her. To encourange her to develop into a girl. I have her on a 18/6 lighting schedule.




I am not sure why the Northern Lights plant died

The outside tempature did drop and these plants are sitting near an outer wall. Only the Northern Lights in the solo cup was affected but the other plants are group together and I had her by herself. So I added an additional heating source to the closet and am going to be closely monitoring the tempature in the grow space. I should have from the start but it was comfortable in that space till the drop in tempature and I noticed a difference on the other side of the tent, wasn't cold but not as warm as it should have been.

So join me for this journey

Hopefully I don't kill this one. But it is what it is and if I do happen to kill it I will try again next time there is a challenge and focus on my other girls.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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Beautiful Gorilla glue, its so nice to see them grow! Take some pictures and then you can make a post about from baby to full grown plant.
Its quite possible that Northern Lights died because of the temperature varations but i think you have it covered now :)


I have it maintaining now between 75 and 80 degrees
So hopefully if that was it I won't have any more deaths. But I also decided to go ahead and order a grow tent, and get it out of the make shift Grow tent in the closet, figure it will be easier to maintain in a tent too. So tomorrow I am gonna work on clearing out a space for the tent for when it arrives and sometime in the next 2 to 6 days I will be moving them from the closet into the tent.

That looks better. Keep on Growing....

Thats more like it. Now we are back in the game.

It looks like you're off to a good start this time. Good luck in the challenge. I want to do a solo cup grow one day but no time for it now as I hear they require a lot of attention. puff puff pass

Sorry your little baby didn't make it, I hope the gorilla glue survives and flourishes. Bong on. :-)

Hello, good luck on this one! She's looking good


Hopefully I don't kill her as my first attempt with the solo cup challenge saw the death of the Northern Lights I had started.


Let's hope for the best :) The success rate increases every shot