My tent arrived

11 months ago

My tent arrived yesterday

It is partly way I was MIA yesterday for the most part as I was busy rearranging and putting together the tent. But I also am working around a new injury from the other day. So by the time all.was said and done I was to exhuasted to share that my tent came.


I also discovered the one lighting panel isn't enough

So I have ordered another two panels to make sure my lighting is correct as it is better to have too much and need tp turn one off than not to have enough. As some of my plants are struggling and I am pretty sure it is a lighting issue.


Pretty sure I have not enough lighting issue

The bulbs I bought are great for starting seeds but as the seedlings to turn into sprouts they seem to do good for about a week before starting to wilt and die. Every other "idea conditions" have been met so the only idea I have left on why they are not growing as good as they should is not enough light. So hopefully my new panels will arrive tomorrow or the next day and this issue will be fixed.

Good news

That Girl Scout Cookie seed I have that I want to cross with something in honor of a friend who has passed germinated. Hopefully I can get her to grow without killing her. I was also given a seed of Passion Fruit so I am attempting to germinate that seed right now. Once my new lighting system gets here I think they will all have a great chance of making it to harvest.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass


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Oh snap! @tecnosgirl is going big time! Good luck with your grow. There will be growing pains but just keep moving forward and you will work the kinks out. I am very happy for you!


Got to thinking if I am gonna do it I might as well do it right.

Congrats on the grow tent, you will find it help provide the perfect environment for your girls. When you control the climate, you are mother nature ;)

Congratz! You deserve it! Should be lots of fun


We will be very aware of your upcoming publications, take good care of the girls

This is great! Can't wait to see your grow. #canna-curate

Awesome, they look very inconspicuous sitting in the corner don't they. Now you are in business, bong on. :-)

How much did you pay for the tent?


$67.99 with shipping

Nice, these are starting to come a long nicely. You will see a big jump add another light to it.


I have two more lights coming sadly I thought I would only need one more then the tent arrived and I realized I need two so one should arrive I hope tomorrow and the other in a few days hopefully I won't need it but if I do I will have it handy


More light the better haha, I always Think I should add more to the sides of the tent. I think we need even more when we run leds