My Master Kush is cured

2 months ago

The Master Kush I grew is finally cured

Out of everything I have grown so far this strain has had one of the best smells, besides the current Gorilla Passion strains which I don't know how it will turn out yet this one has to be one of the best strains I have grown to date. The trichromes on this plant are beautiful and when I was trimming the plant my fingers were covered with resins. Out of all the plants I have trimmed I never gotten so much resin on my fingers. So I had high hopes for this strain and am very happy to report it is fire af.






I love the mellow buzz of this Indica heavy strain

I can see why it won the cannabis cup two years in a row in the mid 90s. It is very effective for pain without the heavy couch lock buzz that many Indica strains can cause. It acts more like a Sativa-dominant strain with how it gives energy. But it is 90% Indica dominant and I am going to enjoy using this strain while the 2+ ounces my low watt LED gave me from this plant. Not bad for an increase of $20 a month in utilities still much cheaper than buying it in bulk.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation.



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The resin! Oh Lordy!
If i don't wear a glove i feel like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation when his hands stick to everything!


I normally wear gloves but didn't this time but even then the gloves never got covered like my fingers did with this strain. Very proud of this one.

Lookin great.



Would love to try it 🤤😍

Ah! The all familiar finger/scissors hash. I scrape and smoke this immediately. It is what keeps me trimming. The taste of fresh picked hash is unmistakable and well worth experiencing.

Oh my what a lovely thing to see..... would love to try this strain!


I am very happy with it. If you get a chance to grow it you should. Very effective for pain without the heavy high.


I´ll check it out with the grow shops here...Thanks!

You be growing crystal on your crystal 🔥

It is so beautiful! I can not wait until I start to grow! It is the best money saving way to get your buds! :) I think this will be regular for all people who smoke one day hopefully. You get to know what exactly goes into the growing of things! No wondering what might be in it.....