Moving the Gorilla Cookies to the flowering tent

8 months ago

I was hoping to go till Wednesday in the veg tent

I had to move my Gorilla Cookies today as she is a tall girl because of my surgery I didn't have the time to LST her. I was hoping to get to Wednesday to have to transfer her to the flowering tent was she was getting too tall and the light in my veg tent can only go so high. So off to the flowering tent she goes.


I need to rearrange the fans

With the new plant I need to rearrange the fans so the air flow is at the best possible position. I am excited to watch her to make sure she is really a girl and it is not wishful thinking. Because if she isn't a she then he has to go. I don't need any seeds and just want all the energy in growth going to make big potent buds. And so far the oldest girl is making some pretty nice looking buds that I hope to plump up to double the size before harvest time. And what is great with the side panels the lower branch buds are almost as big as the top ones. She is has been in the flowering tent for 38 days and isn't quite half way through yet.

The Gorilla Glue top of the tall girl

A couple of the lower branches of the tall gorilla glue

I am posting this so I have a record of when I put the Gorilla Cookies in the flowering tent

That way I can watch how many weeks and or days she is. Also so I know when it is safe for another girl to go into the tent. Though that won't happen for at least 3 to 4 weeks anyways.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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Love the perfect growth of the pistils!


I look forward to when it is legal and I can grow outdoors. I live in the wetlands and our soil is awesome for cannabis. I know some more remote than I am that grow a few plants outdoors but I am too close to town to risk it.

They look really good

Great work. Keep us updated.

Looking great :)

Really proud 👍