Here we grow again update 9

6 months ago

The big girl has been in the flowering tent for 30 days

We still have many weeks before she will be done but she is a complete girl with no male or hermied branches. So now the bushy girl is also in the flowering tent. I will be watching her closely over the next 14 or so days to make sure she is actually a girl and not just wishful positive thinking. No pollinating this grow, as I have plenty of seeds for a long while.

A view of the flowering tent

The big girl buds are forming nicely

With 3 side panels even the lower branches are budding up nicely

Both of the plants inside the flowering tent are Gorilla Glue

The veg tent has some new additions

The Gorilla Cookies is looking nice in her big bucket. Here in a few days the Kush will go into her forever bucket. I have germinated a couple of my personal cross strain I bred. I was gonna call is Passion Glue but my husband wants me to name it Gorilla Passion. So I am going back and forth with it right now on what I name it. What do you think let me know in the comments below.

Gorilla Cookies

The Kush nearly died when I had to have that emergency surgery she is recovering very well seriously most would have given her up for dead



I am hoping eventually I will have a staggering system down

So I will always have something starting and something ready to harvest, and whenever I am low or out that a cured batch is ready so I no longer need to buy on the blackmarket. And maybe one day I will be able to invest in a heat press to make my own dabs.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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Grow is really coming along, exciting! 👍

If I could only start to sow new seeds now, I would do it... Your newbie grow is soon to become mid size and that is very exciting! Am anxious to see their journey! Cheers!

LOOK AT YOU, Your'e like a professional now. lolololol

Don't look like its your first grow! I really need to start growing myself buying weed is crazy expensive giving me a lot of hope good luck not that you need it!


It isn't my first grow, it is technically my second though I did 5 plants at one time last time, this time I am staggering the grow.

Look good... like a pro.

Looking awesome



Totally inappropriate and why would I take that risk when I can safely grow at home? I am also flagging your comment as spam, as I never spoken to you and your first comment on my post is spam.