Here we grow again update 6

last year

Almost time for the flowering tent

I am just a few more days away from putting the first girl in the flowering tent. I am going to let it veg for a few more days as I took off most of the fan leaves today and want it to recover from the stress of that before going into the flowering stage.



The bushy one

The one I am LST is bushy. I plan to remove some of her fan leaves too as I want the buds to get good lighting when I put her into the flowering tent but she is a couple of weeks behind the tall girl I am leaving alone. Except for the removal of the fan leaves. Last grow I just let it do it's thing this time I am doing experiments with it.



The Gorilla Cookies

Is going into it's bucket tomorrow or Thursday if I run out of time. It is looking good in its solo cup but it is time for a new home for her.



The Kush

Is slowly growing. I am surprised she isn't bigger by now but they say the slower to grow the better the smoke. So I guess we shall see.



Germinating Passion Glue

Passion Glue is my own cross. The parents are Passion Fruit and Gorilla Glue. Will it be any good? We will find out in 16 to 20 weeks plus dry and cure time. Hopefully it will be. I decided to go ahead and germinate two of this one.




Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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Damn, why do all pics with purple light look so amazing?

Such a great stuff when you can experiment and see what suits best for you.


I know right, those lights would make a @d00k13 look good 😜


The purple is from LEDs they always show up that colour in photos


Hey Sky, yeah man..I know why they are purple, I just said they always look so nice under this light and not sure why. It is like psy trance decor, perhaps it reminds me of it.


O haha, Maybe it is you brain loving them purple hues as we alk know purple buds are dank

Can’t wait till I own my own place 😉 I would so love to do the indoor tent setup


Can't wait till I have the right to grow 😭


I hear you there brother!

I just need to have my own place as the landlord has the rights to that privilege and they have now included it in the tenancy arrangement as an automatic no unless stated otherwise 🤔 they want to protect the landlords as much as possible I believe.


Legally I am not allowed to grow but thankfully I have no landlord to worry about as we own our home.


What he don't know won't hurt 😁

Wow this is amazing, now I motivated to grow my own weed at home. Thanks because you just sparked a fire in me to start growing. 👍