Here we grow again update 4

last year

I got a new phone today

And thought a here we grow again update would be a great way to test out the camera on my new phone. I am allowing one plant to grow with little interference other than clip here and there. One I have been LST as I will be the others but using different methods of it on each plant. To see which works best for me and my set up.


The Gorilla Cookies is nearly ready for its bucket

Soon I will transfer it from its solo cup into it's final grow bucket. Likely towards the end of the week.



Found a seed in some Kush I had

So I planted it and it germinated. The next seed I germinate will be a Passion Glue seed as it is my own bred seed, that currently only one other person other than me has any seeds for. But I decided to plant the Kush first as I am excited to have 4 strains I am growing.


Everything is going good

The girls are doing their thing and I am just along for the ride. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.




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Very fluffy guys. I like your light, mega bright.

Look at those big fan leafs. Love them.

really cool. your going to be an expert grower in no time


The first batch though seeded turned out pretty good and I know if I don't miss any hermied branches I can do better if I don't pollinate. But on the bright side I got a new strain created by me. Hopefully it turns out good. I send some of them to @relaylogix he is gonna grow see too.

Pictures from the phone look great


This is likely the best camera phone I have had. It even has ISO settings. Doesn't have all the features my professional camera has but it does have a few.