Here we grow again: Update 30

3 months ago

The small tent

Is now 3 weeks into flowering. The Gorilla Passion in this tent is doing nicely but when her sister is done and harvested I am gonna move her into the big tent so she has more room. But for now and a few more weeks she is gonna hang right where she is at. But after she gets moved the small tent will become a drying tent, before being packed up for a while. I am a little sad I need to pause growing for a while. Though I am pleased with the way other things in my life are shaping up, including that I haven't had to pay for my personal smoke for months, that even without getting into my own stash. Which I am currently using for my tincture that way I know I am getting organic medicine and nothing tainted. It helps me control my results.




The big tent

The bushy Gorilla Glue is 7 weeks into flowering. I will be watching her closely as this is the first time this strain has ever been grown. I am not sure how many weeks she needs before she is mature. So I will be watching the hairs closely for the changes to know when to harvest her. She has formed really nicely and is producing a lot considering I am growing with low watt LED full spectrum. Yes I could get more using higher watts or HPS bulbs but then I would have a big increase in electric. This set up.for both tents costs me less than $20 a month. The Lemon OG is still skinny but it is starting to form up nicley for as skinny she is. She is now 3 weeks into her flowering stage too.


Gorilla Passion close ups



Lemon OG close ups

^top cola shot

^bottom cola shot

The side panels

Help the lower branch buds grow bigger. I get asked so frequently about that, that yes that is why I have them there as it dawned on me if the light was hitting those bottom branches better it could work, I tried it and it does. These panels I bought I got in stages and they cost me $20 each. I have 2 in the small tent and 7 in the large tent, 3 of the panels are attached to the sides. Normally my small tent is the veg tent hence why there is no side panels in that tent. I suspect I won't get as a high as yield from the Gorilla Passion in the small tent since she is starting her flowering in the small tent, but I find too many plants in the big tent flowering stunts all of the plants. I done the max you can do and have gotten more off 1 or 2 than 4 in there at once. So that is why I am not throwing her in the other tent till the bushy girl is harvested, I don't want to stunt her growth since she has basically be in the big tent by herself. The skinny Lemon OG isn't commanding much light. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation.



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