Here we grow again: Update 29

2 months ago

We are two weeks post flip

The small flowering tent has a Gorilla Passion plant. She has been flowering for 2 weeks and is starting to form her buds up nicely. I love watching each stage of the growing process. But out of each stage the flowering process is one of my favorite to watch.



The big flowering tent

The bushy girl is another Gorilla Passion plant. I really can't wait for her to be ready to harvest, dry and cure as this cross is my own cross and this is the first time I am growing it. I have shared some of the seeds with other growers but I have no clue how good it will actually be. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is a fire af strain. She is 6 weeks into her flowering stage.



Top branch cola

bottom branch cola, yes those side panels help the bottom branches produces bigger buds

The Lemon OG tall and skinny

Life happened and I didn't LST her like I was going to. So I just let her be and she is tall and skinny. It's okay yes she won't produce a lot but Lemon OG is fire so it will be that bud I put back to smoke on special occasions. She is also budding up nicely for her size being two weeks post flip.




Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation.



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Wow! All buds are looking great, you´ll have lovely harvest!

They’re looking great. I should plant one this year!


Yes you are one of the users with this cross though at first I was gonna call it Passion Glue but after much thought and that poll I did Gorilla Passion won out. But dude the grow smell is nice. From the smell so far I believe it will be fire af.


Keep your eye peeled for a Gorilla Passion growlog.