Here we grow again: Update 28

24 days ago

The Veg small flowering tent

Last week I decided since this is my last grow for a while, instead of crowding the big tent and since the Gorilla Passion girl is bushy and short to go ahead and flip her in the tent she is in instead of moving her to the bigger tent. She gets all the light and should do fairly good. I might move her to the bigger tent when the other Gorilla Passion girl is harvested. But at least for the next month she will be flowering right where she sits. She has been on the flowering cycle for one week as of tomorrow.



The Big Flowering Tent

I had business to attend to and went 27 hours without watering the girls. The Lemon OG and the Gorilla Passion in the other tent was fine and really so is this other Gorilla Passion in the big tent, but 27 hours she was thirsty as you can see by her droopy leaves. Won't take long and those leaves will be perking right back up.





The Lemon OG

I put into the big flowering tent a week ago. She is tall and skinny cause I got busy and didn't LST her like I did the Gorilla Passion plants. But that is okay. I have more of the Lemon OG seeds that I can plant again when I start growing again. I am taking a break because of other things going on and too mucb risk is stupid.




Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation.



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Got a Q for you... does having the side light mounted help with the underlying buds getting bigger?

I need to do this when my hand is back to normal, but am curious as to the results.


Also curious to know :)


Yes it does

They are growing really great. Which strain you prefer: Gorilla Passion or Lemon OG? 😊


I am hoping my cross I created. Which is the Gorilla Passion.

Mmmmmm....lemon og.....: )