Here we grow again update 2

3 months ago

It has been 15 days since my last update

I don't know how time got away from me like that but it did and you guys are way overdue for an update. Currently I have 2 plants in the veg tent and have a couple of new seeds that I am currently trying to germinate. I been feeling better and forgot to keep an eye on my paper towel and let it dry out, so I am startong over with those now. But both of the plants I have in the tent is looking nice. The bigger of the two is about ready to be transplanted into it's home for the rest of the grow. Where I will attempt to do some LST and hopefully not kill her in the process. But of I do the other is only a couple of weeks behind.

These are both Gorilla Glue

I have them on a 16/8 light cycle

It worked good last time. So why not use it again. This grow has the advantage of the bigger lights from the get go. So I am hoping it will make this grow turn out better than my last grow. But I am happy how my first grow turned out but I am determined to make this one even better.


she is about to be transplanted

she is two weeks behind her sister

Currently the heat and humidity

Is pretty idea, I am happy with the higher temps and the lower humidity. I think I got my air flow just right, learned a lot from my first grow. I do have a dehumidifer in the tent last time I had to wait to get one because of funds. But this grow I started it off right.


Gonna invest in additional supplies

But that is still a few weeks away as my first grow isn't 100% cured yet and is still a little green tasting, so I will be buying at least one more ounce on the blackmarket. But I am very pleased with the buzz, just got to wait a little longer for the taste to be where it should be.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Looks good! Those water droplets made me zoom in! They looked like balls. I was like no way.

Ever think of cloning your gals before you flower them? Then they’ll be assured feminine, and can be vegging along side your flowering gals.

Then just continually rotate, clone- flower.


I am going to this grow, I didn't the first grow because I didn't have a second tent before flowering started. But I want my Gorilla Cookies and my Passion Glue to be going to for clones.

SO COOL!!!!!

Excited to see them mature.

Looking wicked, cheers

I like that title

“ Here We Grow Again!”
“ Lifestyles of the Grown and the Beautiful!”

Good strong plants. Successes to you friend. Hope your seeds take root

Nice shots..loved it!