Here we grow again update 11

9 months ago

Sadly I accidentally killed one of my starts.

I accidentally let it get too dry and it died. I kept watering it hoping it would come back but it is gone. No biggie really as I have plenty of that Passion Glue or Gorilla Passion seeds (still debating on the name). So I will be germinating a new seed likely tomorrow or Friday when I know I will have a couple of days to watch it properly. The big girl in the veg tent which is the Gorilla Cookies is just a few days from going into the flowering tent. The Kush plant is ready for a big bucket which I plan to transplant either tomorrow or Friday.



The flowering tent

The big girl has been in the flowering tent for approximately 35 days with the bushy girl is at 14 days now and showing her sex she too is a girl. No signs of any male branches. Which makes for one happy girl. Both of these Gorilla Glue girls are doing very well.


The big one is looking so yummy already


The bushy girl is finally budding

Side by side branches you can see the difference in the growth

Growing for just your own supply

Staggering the grow seems to be best for me. Since I am not growing to sell and am just growing for personal use, staggering my grow should eventually make me independent where I don't have to hit a black market dealer.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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So sad to hear that. Hope you make up for the killed grow. I have been also making alot of mistakes and that is because i am still trying to learn. BTW that is some beautiful snaps of the grow.


It is actually weird that it happened as it was about as far along as the small solo cup one was at the time it shriveled up. and the one in the solo cup was just fine, oh well its okay sometimes you are gonna have a plant that doesn't want to take.

Best way to learn... FULL SPEED 😉
Lovely ladies you’ve got, hope u have a
Happy Harvest 🔥

Way to go!

AWWWWW POOR BABY! However your other ones do look tasty!

Gutted about the plant you lost, but the others look like they're doing great! 👍