Here we grow again update 10

11 months ago

Another week has gone by and I haven't killed my plants

I am always so amazed that I am keeping these girls alive and thriving even with sickness and a little neglect. But they are doing really good and that makes me one happy girl. The tall plant is a girl not 💯 sure yet if the bushy one is a girl or not. Early signs says she is a girl but I won't be satisfied till she is fully showing her sex. Cause if I see any signs of it being a male or hermie plant it is going to be plucked and gone. I don't need any seeds. Both of the girls in the flowering tent are Gorilla Glue.







The veg tent

The big plant which is the Gorilla Cookies in the veg tent is a week away from going to the flowering tent. Tomorrow I am going to transfer the Kush in the Solo cup to it's bucket. I think once it has more rooms for it's roots it will finish it's recovery from my emergency surgery and it's neglect. It suffer the most from that as it was so little at the time. Both of the Passion Glue/ Gorilla Passion (name is still up in the air) will be going to solo cups tomorrow also. I am very happy on how things are going. I am even going to attempt to clone soon for the first time.






Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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Wow! Look at that! your like getting a rotation going and everything! Your like a regular ole grower!!! Look at you. I remember when you started!! <3

This set up looks beautiful. I cant wait to start my own growing room hopefully in a few years. :)


Hint me ..bro will help u out