Grow diaries update on all the girls

5 months ago

Grow diaries

Here is an update on the rest of my girls. Yesterday I shared an update on my solo cup and what concerns I had because of a couple of small holes in one of the leaves on my biggest plant. I see no signs of bugs but I know they can be so small they can't be seen by the naked eye. So I treated everything with some neem oil to hopefully kill off what ever decided to munch. But over all everything is looking good.





I went ahead and pulled the stunted Northern Lights

As it wasn't growing and it was taking up space that another plant could use. So I pulled it and replaced it with my Girl Scout Cookie that last week was in the solo cup and transplanted it into a bucket.


All in all things look good

Hopefully they keep looking that way as things just keep happening to us and I need to save money. Seriously I feel like I am about to have a nervous break down. We have had one thing after another happen this past month to find shingles off our roof and a leak. Our house is brand new we haven't even lived here a year yet and had the house built. So now I have to deal with that.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Those little nibble holes remind me of the damage a caterpillar did to my outdoor garden one year.

Sad but with most pests being almost microscopic and go into hiding depending if lights are on or off, it's so hard to determine.

I'd take a pic on cell phone and head to your local hydro-store guys and show them. Most of them, at least around here, are really knowledgeable.


Being in an illegal state I am too paranoid to do that.


Oh yeah.. I forgot. Dang... wish I were heading to my hydrostore in the next few days or I'd ask my guys there


Hopefully neem will keep them safe

Cool grow, your solo cup is coming along nicely!

Your little forest is coming along nicely, the one in the white bucket is powering. Thanks for the update, bong on. :-)

I wouldn't worry that much about those holes, do a check on all of the plants so you see where the holes are, keep an eye and check that there are no new ones to be sure before taking next step. You could also use neem, that would give the plant extra protection, but as I said, i wouldn't worry ,just keep an eye, Asides the little holes the plants look great

Looks like they are coming along nicely. Sorry about your roof.


dude the roof has me so ticked off, stuff we paid for, wasn't done, they are so getting sued.