Getting a new lighting system

6 months ago

We have a friend who creates grow lighting systems

He makes them a hell of a lot cheaper than the arrays you can buy online or in a hydro store. I was looking at some arrays and the biggest issue I had was once they are done they are done. But having my friend build me one I can use different type of lights and change them out when they blow out.


It has 15 lights in all

Which should give me plenty of light. I am excited to pick it up later on in the week as it will be a better lighting system than I currently am using, which I am slightly concerned is not enough lighting so this will make me feel a ton better and if it is too much no big deal cause I can turn some of them off. It is easier to turn some lights off than to add more light when you only have so many plugs. That is the other thing about thus array only takes one plug in. Might not be the prettiest lighting array but this type of array has been growing some awesome plants and not just cannabis our friend uses these type of lights for growing peppers, lettuce, carrots and many other plants indoors.

I could have went with something like this


But these are disposable lights

If you can't change the bulbs that means these are disposable lights which is not good for the environment. So I started thinking outside the box and this is my solution. What kind of lighting system do you use? What do you think of the system I am picking up this week? Let me know below in the comments

Till next time stoners

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Having LEDs, which are not replaceable is a no go, but a standard on most lights.
You have two options, buy premium or DIY.

This is a good start (full spectrum - 3000K) for growing.
When lights are used regularly, it makes sense to invest some more money for a high quality COB or LED stripe setup.

Could you add the information, which type of LED bulbs are used and what size your room has?


Those are not the lights I am using those are just what he has in them currently for veggies he is growing. But I am using full spectrum bulbs. When I pick it up next week I post an update.

Don't matter what they look like, it's more important how they preform that counts in my books. Should be awesome when their up and running, bong on. :-)


I am looking forward to getting it set up.

The replaceable light is perfect, it is a simple design though, just a combination of several lamps.


I was gonna built one like his but then he offered this one because he is finishing a new one for the cost of the materials so I can't pass that up

I love DIY projects :D Good choice for a low budget array :D

LEDs are definitely the future. All HID's use about 30% of their wattage to produce yellows and greens which have very little effect on plant/flower growth. 2019 is the beginning of the end for current HID tech. :)

The disposable light would have been best if not that it is disposable. It's well spread


The spread of this system is just as effective plus cheaper in the long run.

Looks very cool and you can put LED or many types of lights in it I think. Much prefer to throwaway versions which will break eventually!


me too this will be one of the DIY's I keep as I improve my grow system

Have a look at at a quantum board. They aren't that expensive. You can fetch one for around $300 or less even. What is your budget for lights? If you really have to you can use a CFL for veg and flowering although I'd prefer to only use it for veg.


$0 really but I am stretching it to under $100 for everything. I smoke a lot of pot, I use tincture and edibles and smoke a shit load of dab. I am starting to grow because this cannabis as medicine is expensive when you are using as much as I do, I make my own tincture, and edibles and I know how to press dabs and do in a pinch, this first grow is on a super cheap budget, once I have a successful grow I can invest in a system, but this lighting system is going to be fine specially because it cost less than $35 to build. I found a supplier of I found a supplier of the Haodude LED Plant Growth Full Spectrum 4 packs for $20 so for $105 in all I get a complete system that I can change out the lighting if need be for a lot less. Quantum boards was something I considered and they are cool but they can have issues of over heating and just plan stop working, as this is all socket based, if one burns out I can change it. I decided this was the best lighting system to go with after much consideration. But thanks for the input. And I may eventually invest in one, as I know I am going to invest in proper tents after my first successful grow. As I will be saving a couple of hundred a week. It will also free up some travel money..

The lights in the photos are what is growing some herbs currently, they will have different bulbs here on Friday when it comes to it's new home.

Your friend is having nice work for him self let him keep it up thanks for sharing.

The system you are picking up this week is quit okay, because they are non disposable