Flip day

6 months ago

So I decided to flip my girls today

It has been 8 weeks for all of them and the big girl in the tent has been vegging for 10 weeks. I don't want to over veg her so I decided to go ahead and flip the tent today. So from now on instead of an 18/6 schedule they will be on a 12/12.


I am excited to see how well these girl produce

I don't except huge yields my fist grow but if I can get enough to get me through till the next grow is done I will be a happy camper. I have 2 Gorilla Glues in this tent, a Passion Fruit and a Girl Scout Cookies plant. Plus I have my solo cup challenge Gorilla Glue in the tent.

This is the Passion Fruit the two-liter has plant food mixed up in it.

This is the big girl aka as Gorilla Glue

This is also Gorilla Glue but she isn't growing crazy like her sister.

Girl Scout Cookie this one I am super proud of as her seed came from the last bag I bought of my good friend who we called "Sugar Tits" he passed away shortly after I found the seed and told me it was the only seed out of 5 lbs of the Girl Scout cookies he sold that was reported found. That was ten years ago. I wasn't sure it was still viable but it was and I am very proud of her, I want to cross bred her and create a strain to name after him

So hopefully they produce some dank buds

But regardless of how good or bad they turn out. I will be growing again and again. I know with experience I will grow some dank weed regardless of how this first crop turns out. Next grow I will have more money to invest in proper equipment as I am making do without filters and one tent currently. But next grow I will be adding everything a proper tent should have and adding a second so I have a veg tent and a flowering tent that way I always have something close to harvest.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Keep up the nice work. Very interested to see your grow op!


It has been a true learning experience. I am discovering what works for me and what doesn't.

The girls are looking fantastic, they are so much bigger than the last time I saw them, great job. Bong on. :-)


I know I got busy and haven't update the entire tent in about 2 weeks.

Awesome work on the first grow, Maybe if you are able to take a couple of clones from the one you want to save


I am going to take clones from all of them. Cause I want to save them all. LOL I am also gonna give some of clones to another grower I know so it protects it. I have some more of the Gorilla Glue Seeds but I don't have any of the others.

Looking nice and strong. Plus I love the way they look under the lights.


I am looking forward to watching them change and develop more.

It's amazing how fast they grow in these tents, and no bugs as a bonus. :-)


so far so good Hopefully it stays that way and stays pest free.

Very Nice @tecnosgirl !!! I love the nice stretch and the space is amazing. Keep up the excellent work! I definitely have plant envy!

Can't wait to see the progress.. I got like 2 oz per plant on my first grow.


I would be stoked for that.

Your girls have grown up and they are really very very beautiful now. There are alot of guys having an eye on these beautiful girls :D. Nice grow.

Pretty in pink

Excellent work!!!

wow nice! Sure they will explode now flowering