A New Tent update

3 months ago

So my new tent arrived

I got it all set up and it is challenging to set up by yourself but I was able to get it done and now have my grow corner set up. I am calling it a corner cause it is taking up one corner of my bedroom right now. Though I do hope soon to be able to move the grow into our spare bedroom as we are about to invest in a storage barn.

see the difference in height

I decided to side mount some of the old lights

So the lower branches get more light and produce more bud because I have the extra panels and why not help them get a bigger yield if you have the lights to do it with. I will be watching them closely to make sure they don't get burned. Still have a few to set up but I have to go soon and wanted to get this update out before heading out.



I am liking how everything is coming together

The flowering stage is looking good. I am very excited watching these girls do their thing. I look forwards to being able to harvest these and enjoy the buzz they will gift me. I am so proud of how good they are looking. For not having much of a budget for the start or the upgrade I think they are looking damn good. Here are some close ups of my girls.





Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Cool. It was like christmas!

Great set up, plenty of space to grow all the strains you like!!!

Wow I'm so jealous on your grow space! Looks like a gardeners dream! Im sure you will pull out loads of ounces from there!


that is the goal, or so I am striving for.


Good luck!

I love the tent, yeah they are a bit challenging to get all set up with the instruction and labeled poles. Nice light, that is the kind I am planning on upgrading to next!