A look inside my tent

last year

So it dawned on me I haven't showed off my simple set up

So I decided to give a small tour of my tent and plants. Currently I have two plants in buckets but I don't know if the Northern Lights is going to make it or not as my previous lighting issue affected it. Believe it or not it is already starting to recover so hopefully it does make a recovery. 4 of my girls are in solo cups 3 of those will be transplanted to buckets soon only one will remain for the solo cup challenge.



I may have also transplanted my Northern Light too early to her bucket. But she seems to be strong so hopefully she recovers now she has her own light panel.

I currently have three panels

But I also have some indivdual full spectrum bulbs so if I need so additional lights it is no problem. As they grow I may need to add some more but right now they all seem.to be doing fine with what I have. Thankfully they all seem to be thriving. Including the GSC from that old friend that has passed of mine that I really hope to cross breed it someday to create a strain in his honor.




this one is also Gorilla Glue and it is doing the best so far.

I still need to get a filter system

But I do have a fan, thermometer and hydrometer. I had been planning that this pay period but because of my sister-in-laws death it might have to wait till next pay period being on a budget sucks.

believe it or not that little fan is as strong as a floor box fan. We have a few of this style because they are great little fans

I know my set up is not perfect yet

But it is working and soon I will add the air filteration system. But you can only do what you can do with what resources you have.




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listen if you saw what I used for my studio lighting for my videos, You'd laugh. As long as your set up is working, no one needs to know the magic! I can't wait to see what they'll look!!!! and all really great strains. Is this your first time growing? Next year I'm going to try. Im not now, Only because I believe that I should hang around, read blogs, from Growers. Learn some terminology so that parts all ready done. I need a good foundation of intro knowledge. Then, I will try!


yep it is my first attempt at growing. All my kids are grown now so I have nothing to lose now to try to grow my own supply. It would save me thousands of dollars each year. I am not scared of going to jail or prison for it but what stopped me before was the thought that my kids could be put into the system and I could lose them and someone else raising them that may abuse them. I couldn't take the risk when they were growing up. But now I need it, and I would like to be able to do more things then I get to do because of how expensive when you need it medically. It is bad enough when you are using it for fun but when you need it medically it can put a big huge hit on your pocket. Hate living in a black market but my husband job is too good for us to up and leave to a legal state. I can work any where myself. If Crypto hits what I hope to see it at in a few years that could change for us. But it is all a gamble, just like anything.

Nice dudette! You started strong, who cares about the prices, it matter that it works! Even dough I would spend 5 $ on some pots that are you going to use throughout the growing cycle. I would recommend you 2-2,5 gallon pots if you would be growing 4 plants in that space.
But why?
Pots you have - great idea, went through that myself, but they are leaking light. White one especially. Roots are not going to be happy even if exposed to the minimum amount of light.
And drainage is very questionable in such containers.
If you have to stick with these I would try to paint them in black or brown or tape them with aluminum (or some other lightproof tape)
For drainage on the bottom take inspiration from this (just the bottom part):
Good luck youre going great!


And If I may suggesting raising those LEDs up a bit... It is hard to say from the pictures, but your lights look decent enough to hang them at least 30 inches from the plants. These tiny babies for sure do not need such light intensity, maybe 10 000 lumens and you have 40 000 at least there. :) Also budmaster and darkdog have to be mentioned as well - they are recommending hanging their lights around 30 inches from plants or more in veg (usually maximum height of your tent) and close it up to 20 inches in flower. Try to look up hanging heights for your specific light.
I just want to make sure that you grow monsters from the fist try ;)
Take a peek here what are you looking for:


the paperwork with the lights suggested 18 to 20 inches above the plant I tried them higher at first but they were not doing as well so I lowered them to the suggested height and they started doing better. These are only 45 watt panels I have to look up on the paper work what the lumens are but they are not the best panels they were cheap I don't think they were very high. Just ones to make do with till I can build my own the way I want it in a few weeks.


Wow on the pics they look like 5-10 inches away.
Cool then, seems that you are on the ball. Yeah deff follow manufacturers instructions and then move closer with experience and as plants grow :)

Cool setup. I really like it because it is simple, relative cheap and nevertheless working.
It does not always have to be high end.

I think when i start to homegrow my setup will be similar. So keep on :-)

I am really digging these compact tent setups, best of luck with your rig! Im wondering the size of your tent, is that a 2x4? also how many watts is a set of those lights..?


yes it is a 2x4 tent and the light panels are 45 watts each. I had planned on buying a custom built lighting system then the guy decided not to sell so I bought what I could afford I want to invest in a better lighting system but budget and all. I do plan to build one myself but I priced it out and I need light now so I went with these, though I do plan to build a new lighting system when I get my tax return back and have the extra money. I got these three panels for $60 all together and for all the parts I need to make my own custom one I need $150, but if it works and it seems to be working so far, I am all for it as long as it works. But I would love to have a stronger lighting system, where I can adjust direct lighting as needed for each plant. but because this is my first grow and my cannabis habit is expensive till I harvest I don't have a whole lot of extra money to invest in a proper system all at once. And these lighting panels though kick ass, they are disposable as eventually they will burn out and the lights are not replaceable. I want a system where I can replace the bulbs.


You are actually on the right track with LED lighting @technosgirl, though you have to replace the whole panel if one or some burn out, a descent quality LED will last more than 50,000 hours. LEDs are much more efficient and create less heat than many other options. It makes controlling your environment so much easier. They also cost so little to operate and are available in the perfect spectrum for growing big, dense buds. I would recommend you stick with LEDs, but try to up the wattage to around 35-50 watts per square foot.


I will still use full spectrum LED's when I make my own but I want to make something like this. But will be using the full spectrum LED,s with it and not the ones shown.


Looking good! It will keep improving and then u will look back on this post and think Wow, look at far I've come.

Those girls are looking great! I wouldn't worry too much about the Northern Lights, they are some of the toughest out there. She'll pull through just fine. Your set up is coming along nicely. It does stink building on a budget, but we all get there in time. You should be able to get some nice bud with what you're doing now! Keep up the great work.

Your setup looks pretty great to me. I think it's wonderful that you want to make a strain in your friends honor. I think it's the dream od most stoner to be remembered as a strain.


I am gonna call it Sugar Tits after him


The name fits perfectly. Being mixed with GSC.

Nice starter setup! Its a few steps ahead of my first grow, all i had at the time was 2 cheap bookshelves from walmart that I rigged into a box an used 8 cfl bulbs. I could only let it get 18" tall but produced pretty good! Helpful hint: if the spacing between the nodes (branches) starts getting too far add some more blue/white light in the mix and the new growth will tighten up! Looks great and good luck!

Wishing you best of luck with the growing, nothing to add which hasn’t already been here!


I am really hopefully that I have a successful grow as it gets expensive and if I can save the money I spend now, I could go on a few nice vacations a year and I want to travel more than we have been.

Nice looking set up so far, They are growing quite nice. It would be awesome if you could cross the GSC in honor of your friend

Using buckets you made use they have drainage holes, I am not sure you need them but I think it is best to have them


Are you kidding me? Really? Do you need holes on the bottom of the pot? You are not sure? Have you ever seen a flower/plant pot without holes in the bottom? I really get surprised sometimes... The answer is - yes, yes and shitload of holes on the bottom, more - the better.


I have lots of drainage holes drilled in the bottom more than I really need but I would rather have great drainage than not enough. I have enough as I have had to clean up excess drainage already. I need to get some drip trays for them to set on but drainage is good.

It don't need to be perfect, it needs to be effective and thats what your setup is. Its effective, and its giving you the results. Thats the only thing that matters.

Looking good. I’m saving for a tent like that.


They are not too bad in price. I paid $60 for it.

Wow you are kitted up now, ready for business. Your setup is looking better by the day, I'm looking forward to watching the plants progress. Bong on. :-)

It looks a breed of a different planet. A blueish planet may be.


Planet Smurf where all the stoners want to go to get smurfed off their asses

Awesome!! :)

If you're looking for the best of the "inexpensive" LEDs, the testing has been done by a few growers now. The Galaxyhydro Roleadro 1000w, at $99 it's killing it on a budget. Here's the link to the data dump on lights where you can see the comparisons.

Who's Taking the Lead in LED lighting?

As you can see from the writeup I posted, Black Dog LED, Fluence and California Light Works are the top of the line off-the-shelf lights for cannabis in the USA.

These guys are working directly with cannabis, so you know their results are better than 'general' LED lighting for common plants.

Black Dog LED 200W @ Under $670

California Light Works @ Under $400

Fluence Spyderx 330w Starting at $900


Yeah I didn't even have $100 to spend on lighting and when I am just building my own system and will use full spectrum replaceable bulbs cause these systems though great and no one is disputing that is way out of my price range. So building my own permanent lighting system this spring when the weather is better and our garage is built is a better option for me. As I just need it to work for my personal usage it isn't like I am trying to become a grower/dealer. I just want to make my own medicine for as cheap as I can.


I hear you :) Buying quality off the shelf lighting isn't for everyone. :) You're doing great with the choices you've made so far. Cannabis is way better than no cannabis. Yeah? :D

Building your own is an awesome direction to go. You can build a quality light for around $1 a watt now, significantly cheaper than what you buy from companies. I'm working on turning off my 1K HPS very soon, and moving to multiple individual LED boxes.

Great days ahead. :D

Keep BEing Awesome! :D