1st transplant of my Gorilla Glue

6 months ago

So many of you know I am trying to grow some gorilla glue

3 of the 4 seeds I attempted germinated. The other day I moved the seeds from the napkin to the peat pots but today I noticed they are already getting a little too big for the peat pots but are not ready for a bucket yet. So I got to thinking what can I use. Then it hit me, solo cups works great as a small pot. So I transferred my "hopefully girls" to solo cups today.





I want to make sure they are a little bigger

Before they go into their finally grow buckets. I put the Northern Lights directly into their buckets when they got to this stage, but they didn't get to this stage as quickly. The Gorilla Glue is growing at a much faster rate so far. If they keep growing at the rate they are they will only be in the solo cups for a week or so before they will be ready for their final transplant to grow into beautiful girls. (Power of positive thinking that they are all females)

I have my girls under a 18/6 lighting schedule

I am thinking about experiementing with my lighting next grow as then I should have a profession tent to grow in plus my make shift tent that I am growing in now. This time though I am limited my experiementing to germination methods, and seedling health trying to figure out what works best for me. I think if I can get them passes the seedling and sprout stage, I should be able to grow them to maturity. Once I have freed up some money because I am producing my own product, I will be able to afford to go all professional or at least be able tp do a DIY system up right. I am cheap and think a lot of the tents are way over priced for that they are. Some look like they are no more than a shower tent with an emergency blanket lining it and a couple of holes for ventilation and a bar across the top to hold the lighting.

So I may experiement

With a pop up shower tent and my sewing machine. A couple of alterations and that tent that costs $100+ dollars can be made for under $50. And if I buy at the end of the season I can get the shower pop up tent even cheaper and make it for under $30. DIY can sometimes be better than the expensive store bought stuff. If might not look as pretty but functionality is what I am going for not looks. I like keeping money in my pocket and not give it to corporations.

So DIY'ers

What kind of grow set up have you created? Would love to expand my ideas of my own DIY projects for my grow. I might or might not use suggestions but collaborating and bouncing ideas will help me create a better DIY system for myself. Let me know in the comments below or so me a photo.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.



please don't spam my commemts with your projects if you want my support or help with a project DM me on discord, I will not support projects that are spammed in comments, I will warn once then I will flag sorry not sorry, comments isn't where it should be posted on.


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Looks like good odds on having a female plant. I've been smoking on gorilla glue this past week - saw you posted about some a couple weeks ago - strong, tight, and round grape sized buds - seems like grape size buds would grow well indoors - looking forward to seeing how these plants look when they grow bigger :)


I am gonna keep giving updates for them, I can't wait for it to start budding... Still some weeks away from that, but I am excited and hope they turn out great.


looking forwards to the updates :)

Look at that little baby Gorilla Glue, such a cutie!

They are looking very good, I always keep my seedlings at 24 light for first while.

Hello! Nice seedlings, this stage can be very challenging! One thing to be consider on your DiY is if you going to use the same space and light for both vegetative and flowering phases.

I already use a small bathroom as improvised veg grow, but I guess it works at any place, like a living room, a table in the kitchen or so...in fact as open the space is, better ventilation, unless if is too cold. Let me show you...
(seedlings) Here 6x lamps 14w , white T5 Phillips...

I used a piece wood to make the reflector and chains to hang in the sealing, with hooks. I can use only 2 lamps on seedlings, them turn on the others as they grow.

(ready to go into flower)
(mother and clones)
Thing is , its possible to practice and grow a lot in vegetative phase without spending too much and having a really proper place. That changes in flowering cause you need no outside light, smells/odors control and so...

In my experience it worth to buy a grow tent. I tried to DiY but I ended up messing things and loosing a lot of time and money, almost the same $ that a new tent costs. Good thing to have veg/flower phases separated is that you can do a perpetual cycle. To me was perfect, a small improvised DiY veg grow and a tent for flowering.
Hope it helps with ideas :)

I love the way you love them. You actually treat them as your family. No wonder they are growing that fast. They wanna see their mommy. Right ?


I am gonna start playing music to them this week so yeah they are family lol

The girls are doing great (positive thinking.... that's a good one)

Looking good @tecnosgirl, is one of these plants from that seed you found in your old stash box? I hope they power for you, bong on. :-)


Sadly no last time I checked no germination yet. But I haven't given up on it yet. Gonna give it a few more days.