From Seed To Smoke #3: It's A Girl!!!!

last year

Flowering is pretty exciting.

The two plants in my flower room are on the 5th day of the 2nd week of flower. They have both shown sex and are already shooting pistols. I didn't transition them to the flower stage by giving them darkness I simply switched up the timer to 12/12. Not sure if it really makes a difference but I guess I will try it sometime. Check out these pistols.

My Quest for The #PerpetualGrow.

Well initially I had no idea the style I was looking to get into but the one that sounds the most appealing to me is the perpetual #SOG. Now what I am currently doing isn't technically SOG because my plants are not that small. But I am transitioning to having smaller plants. Right now I have some clones going and I will use about 4 of them. They have been in the box for almost 2 weeks. Most of them have roots and will be transplanted in the coming days. Most likely when I get my Gelato and Ygriega clones. Check out these roots.

Monday I plan on moving two more plants from the veg to the flower area. I am probably gonna head to the grow store sometime this weekend to pick up some dirt and some other little things. Eventually I want to be able to have a harvest every two weeks. I think I might mix it up and have some bigger plants and some small ones as well. All I know is that this growing stuff is pretty fun!!!!!

I have lost one!!!!!

Sadly it seems like the little seedling that is my profile picture has given up. I sprayed it with some more water today just in case she pulls through. Honestly I don't think she's gonna make it. Check out the pic below and tell me what you think.

That's it for this update feel free to leave comments and tips!!!!!

Now Go And Get Ya Smoke On!!!!

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Just keep watering that little seedlings for few more days, hopefully she will make it. Goodluck with your grow man


Yeah I'm hoping it pulls through.

Really cool! congratulations! Its a girl! lololol. much luv



Looks like it turnes out you are Even Steven.


I guees so!!!

RIP that wee plant :(


I know shit got me sad!!!! But I guess I am gonna have to start some more!!

Can I ask you a favour?... I would love to use some of your grow pics to make promotional ddesigns, what do you say?


Go for it!!!


Thanks a lot man