From Seed To Smoke #7: Finally Got Some Good Clones!!!

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last year

It's about time!!!!

I have been waiting to get these clones for sometime now. Finally they have arrived. I started off my grow with some easy to grow LSD and so far so good. I have already smoked some of this weed before and it's okay. Now I have some really good strains!!!!


This has to be my favorite of all the strains I currently have. I have smoked this a couple times and it has never let me down.


This is another strain you just can't go wrong with!!!!!

Girl Scout Cookies

Everyone here has heard of this strain before and it's probably one of the most popular ones out there. I love the way this smokes plus the nigs are usually very dense.

All in total I have 6 Gelato 3 Purp and 1 GSC (Girl Scout Cookie). A total pf 10 clones. All of these clones will be in my flower room in about another month. I plan on cloning all of these plants once they get bigger so I can continue with these strains.

Check out my veg area now!!!!

All the new clones are in the middle in front of the three bigger pots. I'm pretty excited to finally have some better strains. Only thing is now I will definitely have to worry about the smell. With this LSD I haven't really had any problems with odors. I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens.

Thanks for checking out this post!!!!!

Now Go And Get Ya Smoke On!!!!

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Awesome batch of clones! Gelato is soooo good. Why only the one GSC?


That is all my boy had. 😑

Really good Looking clones, btw love the settings of your grow room.

Way to go!!! keep us updated