From Seed To Smoke #6: Running Out Of Room In My Flower Room!!!!

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last year

It's been a minute but I'm still growing!!!!!!

I just added another plant in the flower area. So far so good with this perpetual grow I have going.

On January 7 I flipped the switch on the biggest two plants I had and every two weeks I added more plants in. I am running out of space as you can see from this not so great canopy shot I took.

I should be pulling in my harvest in about a month or so and I'm pretty excited. 2 weeks after that I will get my second harvest and so on and so forth. Check out the budds!!!!

My veg area is looking pretty young!!!!

The clones have been in the red cups for about two weeks and are starting to show some signs of taking off. They will all be going into 1 gallon pots before they go into flower. I dont want to have big plants. I want to have a bunch of smaller plants it will be easier since I plan on harvesting more frequently. I guess for me I think it will be much easier.

Take a look at my veg room now

The three in the back are a little sick and I'm not sure what is wrong with them. I just took them out of the red cups and put them in bigger pots. They were in red cups for a little too long i think. Hopefully they bounce back. They already have some good new growth.

Thats all for this update stay tuned for the next one.

Now Go And Get Your Smoke On!!!!

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Awesome looking setup you have going there, the plants look super healthy mate. Bong on bro. :-)


Thanks man I am tryin my best to keep them going.

Nice one it really looks great and very beautiful it shows that you are really taking care of it keep it up thanks for sharing.


Hell yeah I spend a little bit of time with them each day. They are almost like real babies lol.

I do think also is better to have plenty of little plants!


I would love to have super big plants but I guess I am just too impatient.

That canopy shot is awesome.


Thanks it was a pretty weird angle but I tried my best to get the top of the whole canopy.

Nice impression of your grow! I also want to keep my plants small.


Thanks for stopping by the post. Having small plants makes it easier to manage.

Good looking, you are setting in for a very big harvest. Cheers!!


The harvest will not be as big a I had hoped but getting one every two weeks is great!!!!