From Seed To Smoke #5: Day 21 Of Flower!!!! Plus Had A Little Accident.

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Time seems to be flying!!!!

Can't believe its been three weeks already. It feels like just yesterday that I brought two scraggly seedlings home. Now they have been flowering for 21 days. I have not given them too many nutes because the soil was pretty rich. I have been giving them some banana peel water. They seem to be doing just fine.

Upgraded the light in the flower area.

I started this grow with just a CFL setup. Once I knew how I wanted to grow I added a separate area with a 4 ft 4 bulb T5 setup.

All the plants in the veg area seemed to really love the T5. I guess the light was spread out evenly and giving them more of what they need. After my first post here on Smoke I joined a couple Smoke discords and the guys over at the Canna-Curate server are pretty dope. They told me that my flower room needed better lighting than what they currently had. Now I am pretty sure that they would do fine with just CFLs but I can't argue that the T5 would be better. So I took their advice and changed out the light fixtures.

Of course I couldn't keep this task simple. I guess with me there is always something extra that happens. If you haven't guessed it by now than let me tell you what my retarded ass did. I dropped the CFL setup on top of my plant and broke off some braches.

Trust me this is not something that you want to happen to your plants in flower. Crazy thing is that one of the branches that broke was the biggest one!!!

A total a two branches broke. I didn't have any scotch tape so I used medical tape. It's the only thing I had available at that very moment. So far so good and the branches seem to have healed and are doing just fine.

The clones in the veg area are struggling to really take off but I am sure another week or two and they will start to flourish.

That's it for this update catch me on the next one!!!!

Now Go And Get Ya Smoke On!!!!

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Sit tight and smoke on. They will get going soon. In your hands, these plants can't miss out. They have to take off


Lol that's the problem they are in a rookies hands!!


Don't underestimate yourself.


Pfft don't put yourself down, you've got plenty of experts on here who can help you out

Really nice... They are looking good and doing well


Thanks for checkin out my post!!!

Did you break the same branch in two spots? Just shows how hardy these plants are!


Yeah but the crazy thing is I also broke another branch at the same time!!!